Oct 4, 2007

My Best Idea EVER...

Dear Pez,

My cubemate and I were discussing the virtues of Pez, and we agreed that while Pez dispensers are SO fun to collect, we really don't like the candy all that much, and it makes us sad. Obviously there are those who like the original Pez candies, so we're not suggesting doing away with them entirely. However, we were thinking that perhaps some flavor variants in the candy might increase your following and persuade some who wouldn't normally get into the Pez, to do so. Therefore, may we present our ideas (which I'm sure you've heard a million times before, but still)--

Sweet-Tart Pez--This is my number one suggestion. I love SweetTarts, so to combine their luscious goodness with the fun and joy of the dispenser would be a little slice of heaven, right here on earth. If you really want to knock people's socks off, offer both classic SweetTarts and a chewy variety, but nix the hard candy shell on the chewies. My mouth waters even now.

Spree Pez--Similar to the SweetTarts, just another flavor variant, plus a hard candy shell. Personally I prefer only the Chewy Sprees, but I'm told the originals are loved by millions.

Smarties Pez--Um, actually I don't like Smarties much anymore, but I know there are others out there who do. And I think I remember that there used to be a candy along this line that would get fizzy/foamy when chewed, for an added pull with consumers.

Necco Pez--High nostalgia factor here, and almost like eating Valentine hearts year-round. Baby boomers everywhere would clamor for them. I like yellow the best.

There's also the realm of adult candies containing, shall we say, mood-enhancing ingredients, but the legal and liability ramifications likely render this option infeasible outside of the black market.

Those are just a few of the possibilities for your consideration. I believe that most of the above companies will gladly manufacture their candy in Pez dimensions exclusively for the Pez company in exchange for the ridiculous popularity it would bring them, along with a small fee. Now I would imagine it's just a matter of simple licensing and legal somesuch, right?


Concord, MA

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