Oct 1, 2007

Maggot Eradication...

**High Eww Factor on this one. You may not want to read this while eating. Or at all.**

According to the Cat Daddy, this is the new goal in our household.

You may remember that Zoe eats a raw, frou-frou doggie diet. We mail-order a grain mixture, throw in some raw meat, water, and veggies, blah blah blah. Healthy and not-recalled pet food. Yummy.

The grain mixture comes in bulk...most recently, we've been working our way through a 25-lb bag. I store it in the closet just off the kitchen. Usually rolling down the top of the bag works to keep the critters out, but unfortunately this summer we ended up with a bit of a moth problem. Apparently the moths enjoy a raw, frou-frou doggie diet, and summer conditions are quite hospitable to moths and moth-lovin'. For the most part I can chalk bugs up to a summer reality and ignore them til everything dies out for the winter. Well, not this year. Those moths have been rather brazen, sending their young out & about from the closet to do their bidding.

The Cat Daddy, God bless him, discovered this disturbing trend and took to them with the vacuum, while I went online to order a fresh bag of food, along with an airtight doggie food storage bin. To get free shipping I added in some rawhide chews and a doggie-devil halloween costume. It was late.

Both of us were appropriately grossed out by the whole thing; the Cat Daddy, however, was more vocal in this instance. He declared war on the critters and vowed that henceforth and heretofore our mission in life is to kill ALL of the maggots (though I prefer the term "larvae." "Maggots" is unnecessarily icky.), as well as the moths while we're at it. Or at least suck them up with the vaccuum, from which he assures me they are not escaping and returning to the closet.

As for the food, the Cat Daddy tossed it outside immediately, which I wholeheartedly applauded, although I don't agree that the middle of the yard was a good place for it. No good can possibly come from Zoe trying to eat an entire mountain of dry grain mixture.

So hopefully by the end of this week the fresh food will be safely stowed away in its new, airtight, plastic bin.

And I will have returned the doggie-devil costume to the store.

In exchange for the scarecrow.

Or the pirate. Arrrrr....

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