Oct 29, 2008

Bravery Brevity...

I have had several distinctly small, but brave, moments in the past couple days. Which I must share. Right now.

Yesterday I had blood taken at the base clinic. Six friggin' vials. The regular pregnancy labwork, not a huge deal. But with my needle issues, bloodwork is an event. I was pleasantly suprised to find that it went great. I ate & hydrated as best I could all morning, and then ate a Big Mac on the way over so I'd be good & full. The tech got the needle in on the first try, which never happens, and then was done really quickly. It didn't take long at all, in fact, and I didn't once feel queasy or faint. I gave her mad props and made sure she knew how much I appreciated her skillz. Total suck-up, I was, and an entirely appropriate situation for it too. You definitely want to have people on your side when they're sticking needles in you.

The Cat Daddy came along for moral support and to wrangle His Highness. While we were there we saw signs for flu shots. The Cat Daddy had already had his, but he took His Highness to get one while I was taking care of some things with my doctor's office. The flu shot room was just across the hall so I heard the cry when they gave His Highness his shot (he couldn't get the inhaled one because he hasn't learned to sniff on command yet).

His Highness is little enough that they give him shots in his leg instead of his arm--more girth to accommodate the needle and all. The Cat Daddy said that when it came time to, uh, drop trou so they could get to his leg, that he told His Highness it was just like a diaper change. So apparently he didn't squirm too much. And then they stuck a needle in him. And THEN after they came out he really did need a diaper change, so the Cat Daddy said, "Come on Your Highness, let's change your diaper," and His Highness turned to me with an alarmed look on his face. I assured him that it really would be just a diaper change, and then I told the Cat Daddy he was mean for giving a little boy the wrong impression about a shot--poor guy!

So then it was my turn. I didn't get the inhaled vaccine because of the extra (very small, but there) risk with the live virus. So, the needle for me too. The guys came & watched, and His Highness actually started crying when they gave me my shot! So I comforted him, and said things like "don't worry, it was just a pinch and it's all done now." And I told him my band-aid was way better than his. I don't think he was impressed, but it calmed him down.

So two needles within an hour of one another. I went home and ate cookes & milk without an ounce of guilt--I earned them doggone it!

Today involved bravery of a different sort. His Highness and I were out for a jog and, coming around the last corner about 1/4 mile from home we came upon a real estate sign with...a snake wrapped around the top! I was surprised--I thought it was too cold for snakes by now. But I guess here in Cheyenne the snakes are a little heartier than in warmer climates.

It was a little guy...just a garter snake getting some sun. And it had some pretty markings--they looked almost blue in parts. But I kept my distance. Oh yes I did. Rounded the corner and kept on going toward home. I didn't really DO anything brave, per se, but as with needles, given my issues with snakes I count it as bravery when I survive an encounter without panicking. Bonus points if His Highness is with me and I play it off as totally normal and not scary. As he gets older the challenge will be how to encourage him not to have irrational fears about things, but how to make it crystal clear that he is not to taunt Mommy with things she has irrational fears of.

Fun times...

Oct 27, 2008

The Great Thing About Obama...

No, I'm not voting for him. But you wondered for a second didn't you?

Growing up, my parents were registered in different political parties, as were my mom's parents. It was never a big deal that I can remember...no heated discussions over holiday dinners or anything. Well, no heated political discussions, anyway. Gravy and green bean casserole are enough to set some of us off; no need to go anywhere near the government.

It wasn't until I was older that I learned how many people make the assumption that Christian = Republican.

I've always been one to challenge that assumption, but frankly over the years, and despite being registered Independent, I've always voted along Republican lines. It's only in this election that I've seen people actually considering both candidates and actually crossing party lines in their votes. It's madness, I tell you. It's refreshing to see something other than the same old boring political discussions, and same old approaches to the same old issues.

What's not refreshing is finding how badly folks can behave when they're not used to having their views challenged, and suddenly their friend goes & votes for the "other guy." No, sadly this is the same ol' same ol' when it comes to people not understanding how to disagree respectfully. And no matter how right you feel, "You're voting for who?!? But I thought you were a Christian" is not very respectful.

But you know what? I'm glad it's being brought up. I'm glad people are having to really explore why they think the way they do, and why they react the way they do, and how they handle disagreements. Where the candidates can sling mud all day long, suddenly things change a little bit when you're talking with a close friend. Who you know is perfectly intelligent, and thinks things through, and also loves Jesus. I think it makes us take a step back & try to understand the other side, rather than quickly dismissing it because it's all a bunch of right/left, liberal/conservative, Republican/Democrat hooey. It might well be, but better to know why we think it's hooey.

So anyway...I have a theory about becoming the president. I think that the president knows things the rest of us don't. I think they are things the rest of us don't want to know; things we are more than happy to live in total ignorance of. Secret things, dangerous things, scary things. I think no matter how experienced and knowledgeable a person is, it doesn't prepare them for the gravity of the office of president because of how much they suddenly become privy to. I think that whoever we elect will step into office, and as he gains a more complete perspective of these things that only he and a select few know about, he will go "Oh." And it will become clear to him why he cannot act a certain way with this issue, or he must do that over there, or he will understand why a decision was made that seemed completely idiotic at the time. Or maybe he'll understand that yes, it was in fact idiotic; who knows.

In that regard I'm not afraid for Obama to win. I'm not voting for him because he favors more government control in most everything, while I prefer less government control in general. While I don't think he'll turn the US into a socialist nation in 4 years, I do think that under him we will pay more taxes and there will be little snippets of socialism popping up. Which could lead to increasing socialistic patterns, which in some ways sounds really good, but in the end I don't think it's the right path for the US.

But like I said, I think anyone's claims are tempered when they get the full view. Plus if you're really a Christian, you probably believe that God is fully aware of what's going on and is in fact sovereign, and knows what needs to happen in this election to further his purposes everywhere. Whatever they may be.

Just do me a favor, and don't go around questioning people's Christianity based on their political views. Maybe ask them why they think the way they do...their answers might surprise you. And if, once the new president takes office, you find stuff happening that you don't like, write to your congresspeople. You can email them these days, even.

Give 'em what for...

Oct 26, 2008

Go On, Carve a Pumpkin...

Some Halloween fun, for those who are so inclined...

Click here

Thanks to DramaMama for the link

Church Hunting--Just Won't Go Away...

Today we ditched church. Lots of good reasons...we all slept a really, really long time, His Highness and I are getting over a cold...blah blah blah. I'm not one who generally tries to sneak my sick kid into more public situations. I mean, sometimes I do, but when he's got stuff coming out of his nose that's generally a sign that he's still contagious, so...

It's looking more & more like we're going to stick with the mall-movie-theater church. We also visited the local mega-church one week; "mega" by Cheyenne standards, anyway. It was nice. Maybe a little too nice. I was a little concerned that we might lose our edge a bit. Given my state of minimal edginess, I don't have much to spare, so it was too great a risk.

Anyway, I think the Cat Daddy has pretty well settled on the movie theater church. I more or less have, but am dragging my feet a little with the committing and connecting and whatnot. While I was in AZ I got to spend time at the home church, and with lotsa folks from the home church.

Here's the thing. Being a nervous type, I sometimes wonder, when I go back to visit, if folks will be all "Um, she doesn't live here anymore, why does she keep coming back?" or feel annoyed by my barging into the office on a workday with my kid and his gear, and then we all have to chase him around and keep him from draining the watercooler.

But they are glad to see me. Every. Single. Time. After sitting with Weezer, and trading witty comebacks with the crazy ladies up front, and hugging pretty much everyone who comes out of their office to investigate what all the noise is and where the giant toddler came from...I am reassurred every time. It is still my home; I still belong there. It's nice.

Sometimes the contrast is a little discouraging...I mean, whatever church we find will not be a clone of the home church. Not that that's the goal; it's just hard to remember sometimes that it's NOT the goal. Wouldn't be realistic. So while I'm missing my AZ peeps I have to remember that we have, in fact, made wonderful friends in our churches along the way. Totally different and fantastic friends. It does tend to expand one's world.

But anyway, church hunting. We know where; now it's a matter of time and meeting people and forming relationships and all that. I am still quite cynical and snarky about it all and shall continue to drag my feet until I am otherwise inclined. Stubborn? No. Just tired.

Lest you worry that I'm withdrawing from life completely, fear not. I'm joining a spouses' group on base. Not the Spouses Club. A different one which is more along the lines of checking in with people, especially when their spouses are deployed, and making sure they're doing alright and haven't gone completely nuts yet. And I can always use people checking in to make sure I haven't gone completely nuts yet...

Oct 21, 2008

Emotional Tap Lights...

Remember the Tap Light? Looks like a smoke detector, but stick it to a wall & press it, and bingo--instant illumination. It was one of those As Seen on TV things. I think now you can get them at Target...in the As Seen on TV section, of course.

Now, I have always thought the Tap Light was terrible, but a conversation long ago with my good friend Weezer (same name as the rock band--because she is just. that. cool) gave me a different perspective. She was saying how her husband, the Music Teacher, had a Tap Light in his otherwise-unlit closet, where he could stick an arm in and hit it, thereby enabling himself to see his clothes. And he would get a contented smile on his face, as if the tiny amount of light from that plastic pseudo-lamp helped him to be more at peace with life in general. Happiness times six for the low price of $19.99--not a bad deal.

Will a Tap Light do that for everyone? Of course not. For Weezer it was her magic van buttons. At that time their daughters were teenagers, and they had a minivan, and magic button key fobs were still relatively new, but she had one. She said being able to hit the button and have her doors unlocked and ready to go just made her happy. Same with getting out of the car & pressing the button, and having the whole thing locked--made her smile every time. Again, a small thing that let her smile and be a little more at peace in the world.

Right away I knew exactly what my "little thing" was--my slinky. The first couple years of college me & my buds would give each other cheap, dollar store gifts on our birthdays. We were poor college students after all, and we had good senses of humor, so it was a good fit. Well, I believe it was my sophomore year that one of the gifts I received was one of those tiny plastic slinkies. The ones you get for $.50 from a gumball machine. It was too small to work on any stairs, but was the perfect size for just squising around in my hand. I popped it into my coat pocket--the dark green, reversible one I wore for 13 years; yes, 13--and it stayed there until last winter, when I finally retired (but couldn't bring myself to get rid of) the now-ratty green coat in favor of my nifty khaki corduroy barn jacket. And then it moved to that one. It got lost in the shuffle sometime in the moves this year, but I'm almost certain I still have it somewhere. I seem to remember His Highness getting hold of it and breaking it at some point, but I really hope I'm fabricating that part entirely within my own brain. If not I'm going to have to find a gumball machine with teeny tiny slinkies. Round ones; no lame star shapes.

Anyway, putting my hand in my coat pocket & grabbing hold of the slinky just brings a smile to my face. Even moreso the first time I wear my coat each fall. I usually forget about the slinky over the summertime, and to find it waiting for me has always been a welcome surprise. Aaahhh...

OK seriously, I'm going to WalMart tomorrow to stake out their gumball machines. I have a pile of quarters right here (hoarding quarters--another leftover habit from my college laundry room days...), and I've got errands to run.

And thus that day, talking with Weezer, the term was coined: Emotional Tap Light. Write that down, kids. Based on my descriptions above you should now know exactly what it means.

So, do you have any Emotional Tap Lights?

Oct 20, 2008


...beats per minute. That was the heartrate at my prenatal appointment today.

I guess there really is a kiddo in there...

Oct 16, 2008

I Just Really Need Some Tums and Sleep Right Now...

Fourteen weeks, and I really thought I was feeling great. Actually, I'm feeling WAY better than about 5 weeks ago, but the nighttimes are still iffy. Again, anyone who mentions twins will receive the grand prize of a scissor-kick. To the head.

Besides, tonight's bleh-ness probably has to do with my disastrous diet today of, among other things, a pizza sub, bunches of candy (I had a hankering), Cheetos, trail mix sans raisins, a 16-oz OJ, and a regular roast beef from Arby's. Ugh, I feel queasy just recounting it.

Back home from the road trip that resulted in a new (to us) mom-mobile. Everything went swimmingly with the trade-in. I totally caved and got the extended warranty, which I'm now in the process of cancelling. It was a weak moment. This is why it is good for the Cat Daddy to be present when we are making purchases like these. Ah well. As long as Andrea the finance lady comes thru for me I won't have to put the smack down. If not, well...bummer for her.

I might have more to write about regarding the trip. In fact I probably do, but right now all I can think about is getting some Tums. Here's to ya...

Oct 2, 2008

I have these ladies' link over in Fabulous Finds. I never have anything to contribute, since I have about a week's worth of knitting experience, but I get such a kick out of their posts that I keep tabs on them anyway. It really does inspire me to take up knitting--someday...

...I'm mildly saddened to report that I took the elevator both ways at PT today. The thing is, His Highness was with me, and strollers just don't mix with stairs. Ah well. I almost cried a little bit at the sheer joy of seeing my PT's again--they're that good. Their philosophies and approach are right in line with my previous 2 PT's, so it feels like I'm just building on the knowledge I have. They happen to have an EP, which I think stands for Exercise Physiologist, who is in charge of assigning people's exercises and cracking the whip in general. So we were talking about cores, and transversus abdominus, and all sorts of cool stuff. His Highness had a ball with...well, with the balls. He ran the fitness balls all over the room, and climbed on everything, and had a grand old time. I was very grateful that they don't mind crazy little boys running around.

Alignment-wise, I was in fact much better, but there were still a couple of hinky areas. The PT did some muscle energy stuff, which is a kinder, gentler way of moving things back into place, but finally she said "I've got to do this one manipulation because it just needs to be done." I like it that they prefer the gentler methods first...but I also like it that they're not afraid to get a little persuasive with the stubborn areas when needed. My favorite thing about them (and most PT's in general, I would guess--certainly all the ones I've seen) is that their goal is to not do manipulations at all, but to strengthen my body so they're not needed. Fantastic!

...A good friend of ours is coming to see us for a long weekend. I'm supposed to be making up the guest room at this very moment, in fact. I'm picking her up in a couple hours and she'll be here until Monday. After that, His Highness and I are headin' south for some rest & relaxation in lovely Phoenix. Truth be told, we're also trading in my CRV for an '06 Pilot...because I wasn't quite soccer-mom-ish enough. Or something. No, what really happened is that we'd been thinking about getting a Pilot for a variety of reasons, and came upon a fantastic deal, so we took advantage of it. Mom & Dad drove it for us and gave their thumbs-up, so there you have it...

...I've actually got some more serious thoughts on the back burner. As usual with a move, I've gone all introspective lately. Nothing dark & dreary or anything; just more serious than awesome campy knitting songs. If I can find a way to articulate them, you'll be the first to know...