Oct 26, 2008

Church Hunting--Just Won't Go Away...

Today we ditched church. Lots of good reasons...we all slept a really, really long time, His Highness and I are getting over a cold...blah blah blah. I'm not one who generally tries to sneak my sick kid into more public situations. I mean, sometimes I do, but when he's got stuff coming out of his nose that's generally a sign that he's still contagious, so...

It's looking more & more like we're going to stick with the mall-movie-theater church. We also visited the local mega-church one week; "mega" by Cheyenne standards, anyway. It was nice. Maybe a little too nice. I was a little concerned that we might lose our edge a bit. Given my state of minimal edginess, I don't have much to spare, so it was too great a risk.

Anyway, I think the Cat Daddy has pretty well settled on the movie theater church. I more or less have, but am dragging my feet a little with the committing and connecting and whatnot. While I was in AZ I got to spend time at the home church, and with lotsa folks from the home church.

Here's the thing. Being a nervous type, I sometimes wonder, when I go back to visit, if folks will be all "Um, she doesn't live here anymore, why does she keep coming back?" or feel annoyed by my barging into the office on a workday with my kid and his gear, and then we all have to chase him around and keep him from draining the watercooler.

But they are glad to see me. Every. Single. Time. After sitting with Weezer, and trading witty comebacks with the crazy ladies up front, and hugging pretty much everyone who comes out of their office to investigate what all the noise is and where the giant toddler came from...I am reassurred every time. It is still my home; I still belong there. It's nice.

Sometimes the contrast is a little discouraging...I mean, whatever church we find will not be a clone of the home church. Not that that's the goal; it's just hard to remember sometimes that it's NOT the goal. Wouldn't be realistic. So while I'm missing my AZ peeps I have to remember that we have, in fact, made wonderful friends in our churches along the way. Totally different and fantastic friends. It does tend to expand one's world.

But anyway, church hunting. We know where; now it's a matter of time and meeting people and forming relationships and all that. I am still quite cynical and snarky about it all and shall continue to drag my feet until I am otherwise inclined. Stubborn? No. Just tired.

Lest you worry that I'm withdrawing from life completely, fear not. I'm joining a spouses' group on base. Not the Spouses Club. A different one which is more along the lines of checking in with people, especially when their spouses are deployed, and making sure they're doing alright and haven't gone completely nuts yet. And I can always use people checking in to make sure I haven't gone completely nuts yet...

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