Mar 24, 2014

Telemarketer Filter...

The Littler One (TLO) got a gold star today, and here is why:

The phone rings. I suspect it is a telemarketer, but I pick it up anyway for two reasons. First, we are waiting to hear back from some folks regarding housing in Alabama and I have no idea what kind of numbers they will be calling from. Second, if it is a telemarketer I plan to tell them that no, Austin isn't here, and they have the wrong number.

(Apparently, Austin was pre-approved for something or other and was so thrilled he left our number on his application. This one guy who called a week ago said "Well, you'll be getting a lot of calls like this one in the next few weeks, so you may just want to say you bought it already." Whatever "it" is.)

Me: "Hello?"

I hear a random noise that is something like when a computer is calling and connects the rep.

Voice on the other end: "Hell-"

TLO: "Hello Mom."

He has picked up another handset downstairs.

Me: "TLO, I've got it, hang up the phone. Go ahead, I'm sorry."

Voice on the other end: "H-"

TLO: "Who is it Mom?"

Me: "I don't know, you have to stop talking so I can hear them."

TLO: "But I want to be with you."

Me: "Then come up and be with me while I talk to this person."

TLO: "No, I want to be on the phone with you."

Me: "Then be quiet so I can hear what they want to say. How can I help you?"

TLO: "Who is it Mom?"

Me: "I don't know, they can't speak because you keep talking. Be quiet, or hang up the phone."

TLO: "But Moooo-oooommmm, I want you!"

(we talk in a few more circles)

Me: "Then come and get me! But either be quiet or hang up the phone."

TLO: "No! I want to talk too."

Me: "TLO! I said--"

Dead line beeping. The caller has hung up, apparently quite a while ago.

Me: "See, TLO, they hung up. Hang up the phone now."

I hang up, go downstairs, and kiss his naughty little head...