Mar 3, 2016

On Chiropractic and Caring...

Today I'd like to talk about my chiropractor.

The truth is that I started going to a chiropractor back in Alabama. I haven't written about it yet because for so many years I was anti-chiropractic, and I couldn't find a way to succinctly describe why I had not only given chiropractic a shot, but ended up doing about a 150-degree flip on the matter (No, not 180 degrees. Still about 30 degrees skeptical).

And honestly, it's kind of a boring story. Ever since prolotherapy, I've been putting a lot of work into getting strong and re-building a healthy neck/back/spine from so many years of hinkiness. I'm super-fortunate in that for the most part, staying strong will let me live well and (mostly) pain-free, but there are a few bits & pieces that I'll always have to pay attention to. So I ended up considering chiropractic for a long-term maintenance plan, and here I am.

Here's what I can tell you thus far about chiropractors--they are as many and as varied as any other doctors, and yes they are actual doctors, though not in the medical field, per se. My chiropractor here is a little on the woo-woo side. He has complimented my chakras and has a bazillion supplements to try if I should ever desire, but he doesn't require or really even push them unless I inquire. Which I appreciate, because maybe one day I will actually want to inquire, but not until I'm ready. The Cat Daddy says I've become a 'damn hippie,' and he's not entirely wrong (I haven't delved into the essential oils. Yet).

As I get to know Dr Chiro, one thing I like more and more about him is his kind spirit. His clientele is a mixed bag of all sorts of New Englanders, and he has a way to relate to every single one. He himself is sort of a quirky character, so it all fits together swimmingly.

To keep things relaxed and calm, he has a sign up in his waiting area about ending your cell call, "so you can relax and enjoy your experience," and he plays soft music of varying genres, and even my crazies are learning to keep it fairly peaceful (sometimes) when they are along for the ride. The office is in an old house, so everything is in pretty close quarters. While the treatment and waiting areas are partitioned, you can hear pretty much everything unless you go into one of the private rooms. At my appointment earlier this week, I overheard him teasing the lady next to me, calling her a "dainty lotus blossom," to which I raised my head and replied that I was TOTALLY going to tell my family that's what I am. A dainty lotus blossom. To which we all laughed because, well, it's pretty clear that neither she nor I is the dainty lotus blossom type.

With several of us lying on the treatment tables as Dr Chiro went around making his assessments and adjustments as needed. Deep breathing, lighthearted banter, thoughts of wellness, and overall relaxation were the mood of the morning...until the next client walked in the door. This lady had a presence about her. Heck, this lady WAS a presence. Her voice had an old-school throaty sound and was not shouty, exactly, but definitely a few notches above "soothing." She proceeded begin a cell phone call with "I hung up on you, so I'm calling you back." You could feel everyone hearing her conversation. The mood went to somewhat non-relaxed, and Dr Chiro grinned and softly uttered "Oh, God," as if she were his crazy loud aunt or something.  Those of us in the immediate vicinity chuckled softly in return.

Here's where it got clever, though. Her conversation continued, "I just arrived at my appointment, so we can talk until my turn, and then I'll call you back when I'm done."

Well, Dr. Chiro dropped my chakras immediately and peeked his head into the waiting room: "Come on back, Ms. So-and-So," and ushered her to a private room, complimenting her sweater as she (loudly) ended the call. He got her situated and resumed his rounds.

When he got back to my chakras I smiled and said, "You're a smart man," and he smiled back and said,  "Thank you, that's the nicest thing anyone's said to me all day. See you next week," and sent me on my way.

It just goes to show that a little kindness does everyone good, and maybe chiropractic care is just as much about the caring, as the chiropractic. Maybe. Regardless, I hope when I'm older and crazier, I get loving eye-rolls and muffled chuckles at my antics, as opposed to, say, horrified gasps or blank stares. On the other hand, if I'm spending every spare moment talking on the phone, you'll know something has gone drastically wrong and maybe I need a little talking-to after all.

Just make sure you compliment my sweater...