Dec 28, 2010

New Year's A-Comin'...

**I did actually write this on the 28th, but wasn't able to post it until last night, the 30th. Just sayin'...**

What with January days away, I have been mulling over potential New Year's resolutions. The mere fact that I am thinking about them before January 1st is progress. Let's commence with some possibilities, shall we...

1--Consume less sugar. This is actually a resolution in progress--I started around the beginning of December and did fairly decently thru the Christmas sugar rush. Better than I would had I gone unchecked, anyway. Sugar can weaken the immune system, and strengthen feelings of depression...not to mention those nasty sugar-bugs trying to eat their way thru my teeth. It really isn't very good for you. And I feel better when I eat less sugar. Seems like a slam-dunk to me. Except for my immense propensity for it, and my one-Coke-per-day vice. Hmmm...I'm thinking a scheduled taper would help.

2--Eat more vegetables. Gotta replace the sugar with something. Something good would be ideal.

3--Paint the upstairs (interior) of the house. The Cat Daddy and I have a game plan for this one, so I have high hopes for our success. We'll start at the back of the house (our bathroom) and work our way forward, one room per month. We're getting childcare and everything. I also hope to work on organizing each room as we go. This will be more difficult some months, but could give us a nice 2-in-1 resolution. We are awesome.

4--Photo blog on a regular basis. I got a new camera for Christmas, which I'm really excited about, but also nervous about finding the time to learn how to work it beyond the automatic settings. A photo per day would be awesome, but I think I would fail at that within the first week. A photo per week might be feasible, with an accompanying explanation of said photo. Could be one word, could be a friggin' novella. You'll just have to wait & see. But yes, I think I can do that.

5--Structure and routine. Always help me thrive. A regular schedule for my dailies--waking up, bedtime, and back exercises--would help me find a place for a whole bunch of other have-tos, want-tos, and uncertainties, I'm thinking. And I'd strengthen my core while I'm at it.

6--Simplify and simplify. There will be a purging of stuff with #3. Oh yes. We could have a yard sale but for this time around I'm leaning more toward giving, gifting, and donating. Call me philanthropic. Or lazy; either way.

7--Hobbify--music (drums and ukulele), jogging (see #8), blogging (#4). Must carve out some time. This is why #5 could be so helpful.

8--Keep running 3x per week. Hey, some built-in success will motivate me to keep some of the harder ones. Lay off, bub.

What are some of your resolutions??

Dec 25, 2010

Not a Cult...

I have a hard time watching videos of people doing worship-type music. Like on the WOW Worship commercials where it shows folks closing their eyes, and raising their hands, and swaying back and forth and all. It creeps me out just a little bit, which makes me feel bad, 'cuz I'm not ashamed of Jesus, and I don't want to be afraid of looking dumb, or like a brainwashed cult member or anything. But...I also don't want to seem like a brainwashed cult member. So there's that.

Plus, you know how at the end of a live recording of a worship song they sometimes go into a stream-of-consciousness praise thing? Yah, not my favorite. I'm not against them, per se. I mean, everyone praises God in their own way; there's certainly nothing wrong with going all extemporaneous and improv-y and whatnot. It's just not my thing. So the stream-of-consciousness things have a high cringe factor for me.

Well...regardless of how cynical, sarcastic, grumpy, or whatever I'm feeling, this song never fails to bring me to my knees. Not literally (usually), but in my head (Kari Jobe's lovely voice doesn't hurt either)...

But yes, I do cringe a little there at the end...

Dec 3, 2010

Back In the 'Yenne...

After 2 weeks in sunny Phoenix, we are headed home. About 25 minutes ago the Cat Daddy noticed that the temperature display on the dashboard read 50 degrees, and commented on the beautiful weather (especially compared to a year ago, when we returned from Phoenix to a temperature of approximately 12 below zero). I said, "Ssssh, don't jinx it." He said, "I'm not gonna jinx it, check"

So I did, and said it was 29 and windy in Cheyenne. And the Cat Daddy said, "you're telling me that the temperature is gonna go down over 20 degrees in the next 40 miles?" and I said, "That's what says."

So now I'm sitting in the passenger's seat, watching the temperature decrease over 20 degrees between Fort Collins and Cheyenne. We're calling out the temp each time it goes down.

I don't really believe in jinxing, but if I did I would totally blame this one on the Cat Daddy...
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