Dec 28, 2010

New Year's A-Comin'...

**I did actually write this on the 28th, but wasn't able to post it until last night, the 30th. Just sayin'...**

What with January days away, I have been mulling over potential New Year's resolutions. The mere fact that I am thinking about them before January 1st is progress. Let's commence with some possibilities, shall we...

1--Consume less sugar. This is actually a resolution in progress--I started around the beginning of December and did fairly decently thru the Christmas sugar rush. Better than I would had I gone unchecked, anyway. Sugar can weaken the immune system, and strengthen feelings of depression...not to mention those nasty sugar-bugs trying to eat their way thru my teeth. It really isn't very good for you. And I feel better when I eat less sugar. Seems like a slam-dunk to me. Except for my immense propensity for it, and my one-Coke-per-day vice. Hmmm...I'm thinking a scheduled taper would help.

2--Eat more vegetables. Gotta replace the sugar with something. Something good would be ideal.

3--Paint the upstairs (interior) of the house. The Cat Daddy and I have a game plan for this one, so I have high hopes for our success. We'll start at the back of the house (our bathroom) and work our way forward, one room per month. We're getting childcare and everything. I also hope to work on organizing each room as we go. This will be more difficult some months, but could give us a nice 2-in-1 resolution. We are awesome.

4--Photo blog on a regular basis. I got a new camera for Christmas, which I'm really excited about, but also nervous about finding the time to learn how to work it beyond the automatic settings. A photo per day would be awesome, but I think I would fail at that within the first week. A photo per week might be feasible, with an accompanying explanation of said photo. Could be one word, could be a friggin' novella. You'll just have to wait & see. But yes, I think I can do that.

5--Structure and routine. Always help me thrive. A regular schedule for my dailies--waking up, bedtime, and back exercises--would help me find a place for a whole bunch of other have-tos, want-tos, and uncertainties, I'm thinking. And I'd strengthen my core while I'm at it.

6--Simplify and simplify. There will be a purging of stuff with #3. Oh yes. We could have a yard sale but for this time around I'm leaning more toward giving, gifting, and donating. Call me philanthropic. Or lazy; either way.

7--Hobbify--music (drums and ukulele), jogging (see #8), blogging (#4). Must carve out some time. This is why #5 could be so helpful.

8--Keep running 3x per week. Hey, some built-in success will motivate me to keep some of the harder ones. Lay off, bub.

What are some of your resolutions??

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