Jan 1, 2011

2011--Week One

I sure hope the rules of this photo-blogging thing don't state that I absolutely must post a photo I took on the same day. If I did that, today's photo would be of a blank wall, because my entire family is asleep and I'm enjoying the resulting quiet of such a situation. Hmmmm...come to think of it, let me set forth the rules as I see them--

--The photo of the week must be from within the past week
--The photo of the week must be taken by the camera I received for Christmas
--I can break either rule if I have a really good reason for it, and if I explain it in my photo description

So there you have it.

This photo is from this past Tuesday morning, in between family visits. The Cat Daddy's mom was here for Christmas itself, and left Monday evening (12/27). My folks came the next evening, 12/28, and left this evening, 1/1/11. It has been a whirlwind time of family and fun, mostly for the kiddos and their grandparents because, oh my goodness, they pretty much all thought each other were the greatest thing since sliced bread. The Cat Daddy and I had our own versons of fun of course--my favorite was going to bed early several nights in a row, in heavy protest of a lingering cold.

Long story short, Monday starts us back to the regular grind, which I'm looking forward to at the moment, but I suspect by about 2pm Monday I'll wish I could rewind about 5 days or so, because I'm just that fickle sometimes...

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