Dec 3, 2010

Back In the 'Yenne...

After 2 weeks in sunny Phoenix, we are headed home. About 25 minutes ago the Cat Daddy noticed that the temperature display on the dashboard read 50 degrees, and commented on the beautiful weather (especially compared to a year ago, when we returned from Phoenix to a temperature of approximately 12 below zero). I said, "Ssssh, don't jinx it." He said, "I'm not gonna jinx it, check"

So I did, and said it was 29 and windy in Cheyenne. And the Cat Daddy said, "you're telling me that the temperature is gonna go down over 20 degrees in the next 40 miles?" and I said, "That's what says."

So now I'm sitting in the passenger's seat, watching the temperature decrease over 20 degrees between Fort Collins and Cheyenne. We're calling out the temp each time it goes down.

I don't really believe in jinxing, but if I did I would totally blame this one on the Cat Daddy...
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1 comment:

jacs said...

LOL. Me, too. Funny. Hope your trip was fun. :)