Oct 29, 2008

Bravery Brevity...

I have had several distinctly small, but brave, moments in the past couple days. Which I must share. Right now.

Yesterday I had blood taken at the base clinic. Six friggin' vials. The regular pregnancy labwork, not a huge deal. But with my needle issues, bloodwork is an event. I was pleasantly suprised to find that it went great. I ate & hydrated as best I could all morning, and then ate a Big Mac on the way over so I'd be good & full. The tech got the needle in on the first try, which never happens, and then was done really quickly. It didn't take long at all, in fact, and I didn't once feel queasy or faint. I gave her mad props and made sure she knew how much I appreciated her skillz. Total suck-up, I was, and an entirely appropriate situation for it too. You definitely want to have people on your side when they're sticking needles in you.

The Cat Daddy came along for moral support and to wrangle His Highness. While we were there we saw signs for flu shots. The Cat Daddy had already had his, but he took His Highness to get one while I was taking care of some things with my doctor's office. The flu shot room was just across the hall so I heard the cry when they gave His Highness his shot (he couldn't get the inhaled one because he hasn't learned to sniff on command yet).

His Highness is little enough that they give him shots in his leg instead of his arm--more girth to accommodate the needle and all. The Cat Daddy said that when it came time to, uh, drop trou so they could get to his leg, that he told His Highness it was just like a diaper change. So apparently he didn't squirm too much. And then they stuck a needle in him. And THEN after they came out he really did need a diaper change, so the Cat Daddy said, "Come on Your Highness, let's change your diaper," and His Highness turned to me with an alarmed look on his face. I assured him that it really would be just a diaper change, and then I told the Cat Daddy he was mean for giving a little boy the wrong impression about a shot--poor guy!

So then it was my turn. I didn't get the inhaled vaccine because of the extra (very small, but there) risk with the live virus. So, the needle for me too. The guys came & watched, and His Highness actually started crying when they gave me my shot! So I comforted him, and said things like "don't worry, it was just a pinch and it's all done now." And I told him my band-aid was way better than his. I don't think he was impressed, but it calmed him down.

So two needles within an hour of one another. I went home and ate cookes & milk without an ounce of guilt--I earned them doggone it!

Today involved bravery of a different sort. His Highness and I were out for a jog and, coming around the last corner about 1/4 mile from home we came upon a real estate sign with...a snake wrapped around the top! I was surprised--I thought it was too cold for snakes by now. But I guess here in Cheyenne the snakes are a little heartier than in warmer climates.

It was a little guy...just a garter snake getting some sun. And it had some pretty markings--they looked almost blue in parts. But I kept my distance. Oh yes I did. Rounded the corner and kept on going toward home. I didn't really DO anything brave, per se, but as with needles, given my issues with snakes I count it as bravery when I survive an encounter without panicking. Bonus points if His Highness is with me and I play it off as totally normal and not scary. As he gets older the challenge will be how to encourage him not to have irrational fears about things, but how to make it crystal clear that he is not to taunt Mommy with things she has irrational fears of.

Fun times...

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TulipGirl said...

Very brave of you.