Oct 27, 2007

An Inside Joke?

The Scareys were in town from OH this week with their daughter, who is 3 months older than His Highness. We had a grand old time, taking in the Boston Children's Museum, a couple of geocaches, and other random fun. Mostly we just enjoyed each other and hung out with the kiddos, sharing funny stories and stories of baby poop.

This morning the kids were playing with the popper-car while the Scareys were packing up to head home. Little Scarey was sitting in the driver's seat, while His Highness was pushing her from behind. Yesterday they both had a blast doing this, but today Little Scarey just wasn't into it. She wanted to drive the car with her own feet. His Highness didn't notice, however, and just kept pushing with a big, goofy grin on his face while Little Scarey became increasingly vocal about her distress.

The Cat Daddy noticed this and commented, "Look, His Highness is going along all happy-go-lucky, completely oblivious to the fact that she is on the verge of a breakdown."

Then we caught each other's eye and burst out laughing...

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