Oct 28, 2007

Back Off, I'm Edgy...

I believe I have made progress in my continuing quest for edginess. Check out my new journal--

I got it at JoAnn Fabric for a mere dollar--I believe Linda would be proud. :D

I've often been described as "cute" over the years. It doesn't bother me all that much, really, but there's a part of me that wants to be edgy. Not all-out punk or anything, but just a touch of roughness. Usually I fail miserably...I'll say or wear something that I'm just sure will make people think "Wow, that Skerrib sure is edgy. If she weren't so kind to my kids I'd be a little nervous," and then someone says "Oh Skerrib you look adorable!" Nice. The closest I've come is "sassy," which is better than nothing, but still...

There are a couple of especially nice touches about this journal. First, of course, are the skulls & crossbones. Nothing says "edgy" like skulls & crossbones. Just looking at them makes me want to talk like a pirate. What really did it for me, though, was the pink & brown coloring. This color combo is very trendy lately. Far be it from me to go whole-hog on trendy, but hey, why not a little bit, right? Especially in this case, where I really like how it looks. Brown and light blue would have been equally acceptable, but I think the pink adds a femininity which provides an outstanding contrast to those super-edgy skulls & crossbones.

So anyway, at first I couldn't think of a use for it, but then I thought about carrying it in my backpack/diaper bag. I like to keep a pen & paper with me to record lists and other random thoughts, and with its durable plastic cover, this journal will be perfect for just such a function. It says "I may keep lists, but they're dangerous." And then I click my teeth like Iceman in Top Gun.

Oh yes, that's edgy...


Anonymous said...

I have pals that are married that have several shticks. One of them is:
Her: I'm breezy!
Him: You can't SAY you're breezy, it totally voids out the breeziness!

I think that edgy falls under the same guidelines: If you have to talk about it, you probably aren't. Sorry skerrib...but you sure are cute! Hee hee!


linda t said...

Hey you sassy girl you!

SOOO excited about your blog and I am reading it like crazy! Gotta get all caught up.

That pic of you, hubs and darling son is WAAAAY cute!
So, back to more reading your past posts... just wanted you to know I'm on board your blog!

Skerrib said...

And you, Smiller, are simply precious. =)

Linda--way cool! Hi!

Rbaysinger said...

I think pink is totaly you... it tops off your cuteness.