Apr 7, 2008

Zoe, That Had Better Be Hippo & Not Lambert!!

His Highness got a really nice stuffed lamb from Grandma S. His name is Lambert--said so on his tag. Zoe really wants Lambert for herself, but I've explained that she has her stuffed bone, and Hippo, who is a stuffed hippo, of course. I generally keep Lambert up & out of the way, but since His Highness loves Lambert, Lambert ends up within a cockapoo's reach at least once per day.

...So I've completed my chores for the day (Monday's cleaning day--more about that in a sec) and we're out back on the patio. I'm blissfully blogging while my monsters and creatures run off some steam, and I just saw a fluffy white mass sticking out of Zoe's mouth. Hence the above admonition. Turns out it's Hippo, so all is well...

I like how my chore schedule is shaping up. I designated Monday as Cleaning Day. There's nothing special about Monday, as opposed to any other weekday, except I figure that it's the day I'm the most motivated to get stuff done, coming off the weekend and all. I also made a rule that since the Cat Daddy works (roughly) 8 to 5, then those are my work hours too, and most all of the running-of-the-household should occur during that time. That way I have my evenings off, as well. So far, so good--keeping regular day hours motivates me to get things done, if I want to be rid of them...but if something comes up and I just don't get everything done, in most cases it will just wait until the next day.

(His Highness just backward-army-crawled from the grass onto the concrete patio and rolled around a bit before deciding to mow the grass with his toy mower. Does that strike anyone else as a little odd?)

I can get pretty anal about schedules and routines, but within the Monday Cleaning Day, there's some built-in flexibility. You know, kinda take stock on what really needs to be done and what would be nice to get done or can wait altogether, and make note of the things that need to wait until naptime to do properly, versus the things that His Highness can "help" with, or at least not undo as quickly as I do them. So it feels manageable. Then the rest of the week the big stuff is out of the way and I can commence with the watching TV with my feet propped up, eating bon bons. Because after I do the Monday chores, what else is there, right??

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