Mar 12, 2008

I'm Telling You--Rogue Deer...

Some may recall a short post I did a while back about coming into contact with some deer, and their reassuring me that they did not, in fact, want to pummel me to the ground.

For all you scoffers--the Cat Daddy had a meeting today, where one of the boss-people told them to beware of deer on the base here because "...they are out to kill you."

Apparently, there is a rash of deer-strike incidents on base each year--40 or so. Some years back, the base commander at the time couldn't understand why people couldn't avoid hitting the dang deer. After investigating further, it was discovered that the car damage was in many cases due to side impacts by the deer.

In other words, the deer were going after the cars.

In other words, rogue deer.

Another commander on base now tells of his experiences of going cycling on base, only to be teased and tormented by several deer darting in & out of his path.

The Cat Daddy brought me up to speed on the standard, posted procedures should I encounter these ruffians while driving on base. I am to brake in a straight line only--no swerving into a neighboring lane. A split second before impact I am to let up on the brakes because apparently this reduces the chance that the deer will end up in my lap; all around a very bad thing, indeed.

Rogue. Deer.


RM said...

Oh girl, I so needed that laugh today. That has got to be the craziest thing I've ever heard involving deer. On some very weird plane it makes sense to me. I've always thought of the deer as hanging out just out of view on the side of the road waiting to dart out. In fact, I'm positive that Brian is tired of me asking him to slow down and turn on his high beams at night just so we can be on the lookout for 'rogue deer'.
Crazy lady! Thanks for the endorphins!!

smiller said...

Seriously! We have a friend who lives in Denver who was hit by a deer while he (the friend, not the deer) was on his motorcycle. It totaled his bike. Frikkin deer.

Anonymous said...

I hit a deer a while back. I was sad at the time. Now I feel that the deer may have deserved it

- Second Michele