Mar 4, 2008

Teensy Bit O' Discipline...

He hates the vacuum cleaner.

Our little potted palm may or may not have survived the trip out, so in the spirit of positivity I'll say it's convalescing in the living room until the temps are over 60F at all times.

Well, a certain little mister enjoys rummaging in the dirt and mulch, and then scattering it on the ground and/or eating it. In Mass on the hardwood floors--gross but no biggie. In CA on the very light carpet--no way no how.

So I tried the little hand slaps to no avail. His expression actually took on a delighted and beastly look as he gleefully reached right back in for more to scatter. Of all the nerve!

I did the old remove-and-distract, and was planning to leave the mess for the Cat Daddy (God bless him--the poor Cat Daddy bears the brunt of my knee jerk reactions, I'm afraid. Thankfully I only act on them about 31% of the time), but I decided that with the vacuum cleaner sitting out and ready less than 20 feet away from me I should suck it up and...well, suck it up. The dirt, that is.

My expression took on its own delighted and beastly look as I remembered--His Highness hates the vacuum cleaner. Which is a bummer, since we all know that when we make a mess we have to clean it up, and that the usual way to clean a carpet is with a vacuum.

So I commenced to vacuuming the mulch. He commenced to screaming. Interestingly enough, however, he did not leave the room--something which I would not have prevented. I may be a mean mommy, but I'm not sadistic or anything. He still wanted to be near me, but was insistent that I turn off the big red monster NOW.

I did not linger. I finished the job and powered down. I summoned him with snuggles and explained about cleaning up after ourselves. As Cloud & Townsend would say, I offered plenty of empathy and held firm on the limit. Thus far (which may or may not mean anything), he has not gone near the palm again.

So Mommy learns a little bit more...bwuahahaha!

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Anonymous said...

This rivals tutu deprivation as far as creativity goes. Glad you're settling in well - and, sorry, but how many times have you heard me say - never order fish in a state without a coast!!!Miss you and your edible child.
Mrs. T