Mar 6, 2008


Chewymom put up an interesting post today, talking about gender roles in the church. More specifically, she explores an essay by Mark Strauss where he states that the "women's movement" didn't just come up out of nowhere, but rather started amid places where women and their gifts were not valued.

I'm all sensitive about gender roles right now, being in my 4th day as a stay-at-home-mom. One thing I appreciate about the Cat Daddy is that he's always said he doesn't think there's anything I can't do. Except maybe father children, but come to think of it I don't believe he was the one who pointed that out. So when I get all bent out of shape about submission and women's roles in the home and church (a hot-button for me), I have to talk myself down a bit and remind myself that my husband is comfortable with my level of influence, which I'm pretty sure means he believes I'm "in submission." And if I've got the support of my husband, that's a wonderful thing.

I'm not sure why it's such a button pusher. I've been highly fortunate, I think, in that I've done all sorts of "non-traditional" things in my life with very little kickback. Well, very little kickback to me directly; I've heard plenty of folks parade their views around like some sort of pious peacocks without having any sort of real knowledge or experience to back them up (um, I would have to include myself in there as well on plenty of issues I really have no idea about). And then I get all freaked out that someone's going to tell me I have to stop doing something I enjoy. And when anyone tells me I have to do or not do something, I dig my heels right in and refuse to budge. So I guess that's where that comes from at the root: my control issues. As usual. =)

As to the gender roles specifically in church, I suppose I fall more in the egalitarian camp, but with a strong conviction (and I'm pretty sure that Chewymom--and lots of others--would agree) that we women need to encourage each other in whatever and whoever God has made us to be. Those who are good at the decorating, and crafting, and cooking and such should be free to do what they're good at and valued for it because believe me, you don't want me attempting to scrapbook your most cherished memories or do anything visually artsy. So if others do it, that means that I don't have to be pressured into it, right?

That sounds terrible; I'm really not into this solely for my own gain (although it helps)...what I mean to say is let's let everyone work from within their gifts, just like these guys are saying. No subpar decor from me (the Cat Daddy's the one with taste in our family), but when it comes time to be, for example, a small-groups guru, I'm your man.

Or woman. Whatever...

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RM said...

Love the video! I went on to watch 'Women keep your virtue' and 'Women don't drive'. Too funny. Isaac enjoyed them as well.