Feb 7, 2008

Magical Powers...

I’ve been finding a lot of power lately in the phrase “I made the decision to…” It might be magic...

After a certain point, debating parenting decisions drives me nuts. Of course I think my decisions are the right ones; I wouldn’t make them otherwise. However, I’m aware that other families make very different decisions for the same reasons. And they’re usually just as right as I am, because different kids need different things. But in some circles--you know, the ones where some folks are more debate-y than others--I find it difficult to explain my viewpoint while affirming others’ different choices. “I made the decision to…” works wonders--

“Even though I wanted to breastfeed exclusively, we made the decision to follow the doctor’s advice to supplement with formula.”

“I made the decision not to do any sleep training until I felt ready to put the work into being consistent about it.”

“I made the decision to put gel in His Highness’s hair and take a picture.”

Pretty soon, though, I found it spilling over into other areas. It also assuages guilt and neutralizes situations--

“I made the decision to stay up late blogging/reading/knitting.”

“I made the decision to eat ice cream for dinner.”

That’s power, I tell ya. Magic.

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