Jan 27, 2008

Proof That I Have Smart Friends...

Oh right, the quiz. Smiller got it right away--each letter can also be a name:
  • (Aunt) Bea
  • Dee (Snider)
  • (Homer) Jay (Simpson)
  • (Mary) Kay
  • Elle (MacPherson)
  • (Auntie) Em

Some might argue that Em is pushing it, but it takes just one parent to name their kid the nickname, and it'll stand on its own.

You can get into some of the double initial names, such as Cici, Gigi, Opie, Casey and such, but I don't think it's quite as elegant as the single ones.

So, as promised, high praise and esteem go to my dear friend Smiller...and here's hoping she finds time to keep a blog of her own one day...

1 comment:

smiller said...

Why? So you can tag me? :) I have to say, it is always nice to put the kids down and log on to a blog from skerrib. I suppose you'd like me to return the favor. But I'd probably just end up talking about my kids...then have anxiety over not being interesting. Of course, the chance to talk about myself is tempting...