Jan 27, 2008

New Year's Meme...

I've been tagged by Bowden McElroy for the following exercise:
  1. Link to the person that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog.
  2. Share 7 facts about yourself.
  3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.

I've done this sort of thing in the past, since I love to talk about myself. The trick will be not repeating things I've said before...

So, 7 things:

  1. Like many people I was very organized pre-kids.
  2. Like many people I have yet to reacquire my previous state of organization post-kids.
  3. I have lofty goals of reorganizing my household in the coming year; we'll see how reality plays out.
  4. I also have lofty goals of running miles & miles along the beach this summer; we'll see how reality plays out.
  5. In high school I was on the drumline. During football games I would be so bored that I brought along reading material to pass the time. I've since developed slightly more interest in football, but not much.
  6. I prefer sportsmanship to gamesmanship. I might think gamesmanship is a bunch of crap.
  7. When God talks to me, I don't hear him audibly, but I know it's him because I will feel shaky and anxious. As a nervous-type, I find this either very strange or very fitting.

There! Now for my 7 tags I will choose pretty much everyone who both has commented on my blog and has their own--Amber, Cattiva (Does This Mean I'm a Grown-up), Chewymom, EmmaSometimes, Linda (Reminisce...and this and that), the Cat Daddy, and John Shore (Suddenly Christian).

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TulipGirl said...

I came to tag you, but you've already played!