Jan 17, 2008

Fabulous My Eye...

Gap Jeans--they have never fit me well. Normally they're too thin in the thighs and far too long. Like, abnormally long; I think they're intended for women who are at least 5'10" to begin with, and then wearing heels. I don't wear heels. It took me several years of trying "just one more time," and then I finally gave up on the Gap jeans. This disappointed the Cat Daddy greatly, since the Gap is his favorite store. I think, given the budget and time, he would dress exclusively in Gap. So to be unable to share his Gap-love with me was, understandably, a bummer. We'd stop in to the Gap. He'd immediately find 5 articles that fit him perfectly and were appropriately trendy and distressed. He'd say something like "You should try on a pair of jeans" and I'd say something like "I'm telling you, Gap jeans don't flatter me." And he'd say, "You could just hem them," and I'd sigh and hang my head in exasperation at the sheer male-ness of his reasoning.

And don't even get me started with my attempts to explain the female sizing system. Curse those d$&* designers and their arbitrary numbering systems.

Well, hope springs eternal...or those in denial never give up, or something. Apparently, after having His Highness, my shape changed just enough to allow me to fit into a pair of Gap jeans. They were still way too long, but the other parts fit in a way that, in fact, I could "just hem them" and they'd fit, well, fabulously. It was near my birthday, so the Cat Daddy counted them as a gift, and I walked out of the store with my fabulous jeans.

They were so fabulous that I wore them to work often. Usually with a cute button-down and my Docs. Or, if I was feeling really saucy, my nutmeg blazer. Until today. Today it was the white tee and periwinkle v-neck sweater, the cute Docs, and the fabulous jeans. I looked so smart I could hardly stand it. Everything went swimmingly until just before quittin' time, when I felt a draft near my knee. A look down revealed a rip, straight across. And just like that, my most fabulous jeans became, at best, weekend wear. But even if that's to happen I'll need to patch them. It's too dang cold to voluntarily walk around with holes at my knees.

So I'm just plain annoyed on a number of levels. Obviously because these formerly fabulous jeans ripped in the first place. But also because they did it so nonchalantly, without warning. There were no signs; no wear-marks or anything. And I don't think I've had any jeans rip at all since about 3rd grade, so oh my goodness, what kind of cheap fabric or workmanship went into these that they would rip without provocation? It's not right, I tell ya...

(rant transition)

In other news, His Highness is ailing with an ear infection. It's either a reawakened remnant of the same infection he's been battling since, like, November, or an altogether new one; we're not sure. At any rate, this round of medicine is decidedly more pleasant than any of the 3 we've tried thus far. He only needs to take it for 5 days, only one dose per day, it tastes good (so I'm told), AND it doesn't adversely affect stool consistency, unlike some nasty antibiotics we've had the misfortune of experiencing.

The upside to all of this is that, while he's a little more cranky and demanding than usual, His Highness seems to be on the mend, and we're hopeful that this time the medicine will wipe everything out completely...

(one more rant and then I'm done)

The Cat Daddy has been out of town this week. Despite a sick kiddo and having to plow 8" of snow one evening, my panic levels have been minimal, and I think we've fended for ourselves beautifully. A week by myself used to be a wonderful chance for some peace & quiet; now 48 hours 'alone' does the trick, because after that the rate of random glitches increases while people's sympathy for one's plight as a temporary single parent decreases. Exponentially. All that to say that I was quite ready for him to come home.

But then stupid US Airways had aircraft issues, and to make a long story short, the Cat Daddy is being held over an extra night. Instead of returning late tonite, he'll arrive late tomorrow morning, after His Highness and I leave for the day. Stupid US Airways...

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arlywn said...

sorry for spying upon your blog, and for taking over it with a comment, but the jean thing I jsut had to say something. And I will... now.

I think it is pointless to buy jeans that are incredibly too long and that yu have to spend more money on (assuming you cant hem properly) just to wear.

I dont care wether or not I walk on the jeans, but my mom goes absolutely bonkers! lol