Sep 29, 2008

Where's the Dang Camera?!?

Our pack continues to grow here at Casa de Skerrib. Our newest member is a 12-lb poodle mix named Max, who joined us late on Saturday afternoon.

I'll elaborate later, but for now the nutshell: He's 6 years old, roughly the same coloring as Zoe, similar in temperament but a little more laid-back. He has jumped right in and fits well with our crazy brood. Zoe's a better walker, but Max is a better runner. We thought about changing his name, but Max really suits him, so Max it is. He's fairly well behaved in general and has already earned nighttime bed privileges.

Zoe was a little freaked out but is starting to calm down some. The two of them even played a little tonight, which I took as a very good sign that we're all getting acquainted and adjusted.

As near as we can tell, he's part poodle & part terrier, making him a Perrier. More specifically our best guess is Scottie (Scoodle) or Westie (Westie-Poo). They offered DNA testing at the Humane Society, but we decided not to pursue it further because we don't care that much.

The camera is here somewhere, I swear. Pics to come as soon as I find it.

There has been some question as to the Cat Daddy's pseudonym, especially in light of our canine acquisition. Just because Pim is no longer with us doesn't mean we don't consider ourselves his parents anymore. Plus, I can't think of anything else to call the Cat Daddy (anything that would appropriate on a family-friendly blog, that is), so until I do, the Cat Daddy will remain as such.

Back to PT tomorrow...not sure if it's the sacrum or something else outta whack. It feels different than my normal maladies, but I'm hesitant to make a diagnosis; mostly due to my lack of a PT or medical degree. Either way I'm grateful there are people who can give me relief. Back pain = no fun. At all. Ever.

And I made a spectacular pot roast tonight. Good Eats recipe--delicious. Or as the Cat Daddy called it, "deciduous." I replied "You're saying the pot roast loses its leaves every year?" and he said, "Yes."

Okay then...


linda t said...

Don't hate me Kerri!
Yes, I was posting from your Barnes & Nobles near Frontier Mall in your fair city... and I didn't even have you come see us!!! I know, I'm terrible!!
But here's the deal... Randy & I had not been out of the van since Saturday morning, so by Monday, we didn't look so good. in fact, down right scary!!
And we had no idea when we'd be in Cheyenne, so we quick posted and made our way to Custer, South Dakota for a much needed soaking and change of clothes!
Now back to catching up on your blog!

RichardB said...

The nerve of some people sKerriB.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I MISS you guys SOOO much! Which deciduous pot roast recipe was it? I vote stay with Cat Daddy, he was the cat's daddy after all!
-SoniB :)