Sep 7, 2008

At Least...

While driving along last week, out of nowhere, the Cat Daddy said, "Look at it this way--at least God still hasn't sent you to Minot."

At first I tried really hard to agree and said "True, and it looks like he probably won't either; wow I'm so thankful," but the more I thought about it the more it bothered me. Wanna know what my true, inner, gut-level response was that followed?

"Cat Daddy, that's like saying 'Look at it this way--at least God hasn't given you tuberculosis yet.'"

Did I mention I'm not in the best of emotional places at the moment?

I dunno. Of course I'm grateful for the things I have. I'm grateful for the good things about where we live, and the fact that I don't have a particularly harsh respiratory illness.

And let me say that the Cat Daddy was entirely well meaning. His statement normally wouldn't make me bat an eye, except for our current timing with having just moved and all.

It just seems to me that I'm in that place where I need to grieve the things we've left, gained, and left this past year, so that I can move on to accepting what's here and even find things to be excited about. My perspective is a bit skewed at the moment, but that does tend to happen when we move. The good thing is that it tends to work itself out over the next few weeks, months, etc. If I try to strongarm myself into seeing things a certain way, I might miss out on what really is. So I prefer to let it ride for the time being.

But hey, at least I don't have tuberculosis...


linda t said...

OK, so our computer is in our bedroom and I read the first line in your post this morning and start to laugh... I immediately read it to Randy as he's waking up. You see, his Dad was in the Air Force for 26 years and he ended his career by completing a year in non other than .... ya, MINOT!!

So over the weekend Randy's family got together to watch all the family slides that Randy lovingly scanned and photo shopped for the past four months. (2500 slides!) Sure was funny hearing about that one year in Minot! (Randy was in 5th grade)

bludab said...

So a pastor I knew used to have a saying that was picked up by most of his congregation - Hey, it's better than hell. When you put things in that perspective, almost anything sounds okay.

Smiller said...

It is amazing how minimizing never fixes anything, isn't it?

Hold are doing great (maybe not feeling that way but admitting it is the first step).

Baby in the oven and I send our love to you and baby in the oven. And that doesn't change no matter where you live. :)

Anonymous said...

Look at it this way. At least your not stuck dealing with one more New England Winter with the MASSHOLES. And yes, they are proud to call themselves that. I even saw a bumper sticker the other day proudly displaying that title.

Drama Momma