Sep 27, 2008

REALLY Cool Toys...

My friend Joe is a woodworker. He was also a big corporate financial guy until he & Mrs. Joe decided that he would stay home with their boys so they could all be together as a family more. Fantastic idea, I say. I'm all for more family time.

He builds tons of stuff from cabinets, tables, and shelves, to wooden toys. His toys are so cool that people have been clamoring to buy them, so he has opened up his own shop called Market Street Co.

I'd gush about how talented and creative he is, but you'd be going, "Oh come on Skerrib, you're biased." And maybe I am. So go to his shop and see if you don't agree with me. And if you find something you like, why not help feed the children (of Mr. & Mrs. Joe).

There's a link to his site over there under "Fantastic Finds," or you can click here.

UPDATE: Site's up & running. Yay for Joe. Now go see his toys!

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Market Street Co said...

I looked and loved the stuff...I'm sure I'm biased though.