Jun 13, 2008

Portrait of a Lazy Friday Morning...

Checking email & blogroll, watching PBS Sprout...

--His Highness is hungry, brings in the cornflakes, and begins to eat them out of the box.

--Go get a bowl, pour cornflakes into bowl so we can both eat them dry.

--Get engrossed in a fellow blogger's comment threads (thanks for nothing John Shore!)

--Out of the corner of eye, watch His Highness pour some cornflakes from the bowl onto the coffee table, then pour some onto the floor, then dump crumbs and all.

--Think "Well, I guess we'll need to vacuum before the jog."

--His Highness sits down and begins putting cornflakes back into the bowl. Zoe comes along to help clean up the cornflakes.

--Think "Maybe we won't need to vacuum after all?" Peer over coffee table onto floor. "No, we'll still need to vacuum."

--Sign off, finish breakfast, go get the vacuum, clean up, and go jogging already...


linda t said...

What a powerful story that you linked us to.
I sure needed to remember the miracle of salvation.

Smiller said...

You should have just put the cornflakes back in the box and put them away for a extra fiber surprise for CatDaddy. Mmm...pet hair.