Jun 24, 2008

Funny Mom...

My mom is debatably nuts, which is where I get it, but she can be quite funny at the most random and surprising moments.

Sometime back, she decided that she would call His Highness her "Puffin." I thought it was kind of a random pet name, and at the time I didn't even know what a puffin was. I now know it's a type of bird, and if I remember right it was actually a pretty interesting bird, but now I can't remember what was interesting about it. Anyway, I'm not big on the name, but she's the grandma so she can call him whatever she wants (when he's older he'll decide if he wants to answer to it).

Well, since then I've discovered where she likely got the term. I was watching "Girls Next Door" (Yes I have watched it. Shut up.), and Holly called Hef her "Puffin." Hmmmm...then, come to think of it, I remembered seeing mom flipping around between "Girls Next Door" and Joel Osteen, so it's entirely plausible that's where she got the name. Nice.

Of course, she vehemently denies the source of the name. Our conversation last night:

Mom (to His Highness): How's my Puffin?

Me: He's sleeping. I know where you got that name, by the way. It's what Holly calls Hef.

Mom: No!

Me: Then where'd you get it?

Mom: I came up with it on my own.

Me: You gave my son the same nickname as a porn king!

Mom: I don't know "Girls Next Door!"

Me: I've seen you watching it!

Mom: I don't know anything about Holly, Bridget or Kendra!

...OK, that was funny. I had to give her credit for that one...


linda t said...

Oh my gosh, I am laughing OUT LOUD!!!

I SO have watched 'Hef and his girls' and your Mom SO got that name from Holly calling Hef Puffin!!!

You are crackin me up girlfriend!

Suzanne said...

Too funny! I have never seen that show, but now I know to avoid it. You crack me up!