Oct 11, 2017

Why I Wore Jeans to Work Today...

Parents in the civilized world are familiar with the sort of day I’m having today. It’s not a bad or good day (yet). It’s not even a particularly frenetic day. But it is a FULL day.

Wednesdays are great because they are my short day at work. For some reason, I tend to have a lot of meetings on Wednesdays, but that works alright because I can have meetings all morning and then cut and run for school dismissal, because our district has half days every Wednesday. So Wednesdays are the day I allow for things to get started and talked about, but not necessarily done, at least at work.

Home is a different story though. Since we are off early, Wednesdays are when we DO stuff. Wednesdays are for the library, talking about and tackling interesting projects at home, and other things that the regular school day doesn’t usually allow for. We have a lot of appointments on Wednesdays.

Today we will go straight from school to a follow up with the pediatric GI specialist, who is helping some of us make great strides with feeling well and all systems functioning, and being glad to start the day, or at least not hating it so much. Since it’ll be a quick turn, and since half-day Wednesday also means no lunch at school, we will eat apple slices and leftover pizza on the way to the pediatric GI specialist, where we will also meet with a nutritionist, who will hopefully convince some of us that more fruits and vegetables are a GREAT idea for feeling well and helping all systems function, because WE DON’T BELIEVE OUR MOTHER.

After that we will have a little time at home to gather karate uniforms and get our heads on straight. I MAY have time for my daily collagen mug cake treat (please, dear Lord, amen), and the boys will do their dog-walking gig, and then most of us will head off to karate, except His Highness, who will stay behind because he has a scout meeting.

I have things on my list to accomplish while I gaze proudly upon my little grasshoppers learning their katas and life lessons. The thing I like about karate is that there are only so many things I can do, sitting in the parent area, so karate is also becoming my time to read paper books. I finished Quiet by Susan Cain a couple weeks ago, and I’m still figuring out which one in my pile to start next. Of course, there’s also Secret Society on my phone…

The unfortunate thing about Wednesday karate is that it runs straight over and through my normal dinner cooking time, so tonght we will eat out. I may pick up McD’s on the way home, but I’m still mulling that one over. The Cat Daddy is usually more than willing to cook dinner on karate nights, but the thing about tonight is that I have a district roundtable meeting for scouts, and I don’t want to do dishes. I want to wipe down the counters and organize the kitchen, but that will become extremely more difficult to achieve if I also have dishes to clean. So take-out it is.

After that I will go to said meeting, while the Cat Daddy holds down the fort and wrestles the cherubs into their beds, which in our house is a bigger challenge than I feel it should be. I mean, I LOVE going to bed, but my people don’t share my love of bedtime. Which to me is crazy, because they don’t even have to worry about back exercises and foam rolling and all of that, but all I can say is they don’t comprehend what delights await when they learn to appreciate sleep.

Thinking about all of that this morning, as I looked into my closet and felt the weight of the day. I wanted to look presentable, but given the time constraints I needed something that would last the day, going to all these different things, and sitting in these different spaces, and juggling all these different roles. Business-casual-be-darned, I needed to feel as comfortable and bada$$ in my own skin as possible, standing there doing my power pose.

That is why I wore jeans to work today.

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