Feb 22, 2011

Exploding Thoughts...

Well, today I found out that my project at work has been shut down more or less temporarily. "More or less temporarily" meaning it's definitely shut down for now, but the tentative plan is to start this particular project back up at the end of the year. With these things you really can never tell what will happen though. Between now and the fall it could morph from a radar system into some sort of purple jumping monkey in a box, and then where would we be? Not here, that's for sure.

I am speaking quietly yet firmly to my neurotic side, telling me that it is not my fault, that I am not nearly high enough in the hierarchy to affect whether a project is stopped or not. Most likely it is budget concerns somewhere. This is the nature of my project-oriented work structure, and even though it's disappointing, it is why my company and I can be so flexible with each other, which certainly counts for something.

Now, my lazy and non-work-focused sides are jumping up & down a little bit because I have made the decision to finish out the week of childcare for my kiddos, leaving me some time to organize my home office, catch up on personal emails, and of course throw some thoughts up on the ol' blog. Possible topics include barefoot running, friends on welfare, and how to whack your friends over the head with grace (God's, that is)...without ruining the whole thing.

Good times...

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