Mar 5, 2010

Soon to Be Excommunicated...

(Bear with me--much of this is my secondhand re-telling, and probably got a little embellished along the way. By me.)

When the Cat Daddy got home from worship team practice last night, he informed me that we might get kicked out of church after this weekend.

"What!?! Why?!?"

Because the music is just too awesome.

OK, that's not entirely true. I mean, from his description, the music will in fact be cool and fun and rockin'. The thing is that when the Cat Daddy plays on the worship team, he brings his fancy-schmancy bass guitar pedal, which has all sorts of cool patches and pads and whatnot. So when he asks the leader, "What do you want here," and the leader replies, "Well, what do you have," they end up sitting in a circle playing with space-age-sounding bass tones. And pretty soon they hit upon my personal favorite, which is a sort of doodly-doodly-doodly sound you might hear when you're jumping into warp drive on the way to the Restaurant At the End of the Universe. And of course everyone immediately said, "Oh yes, this is exactly what we need to hear here."

Then the leader said, "No one's ever heard this in church before," and the Cat Daddy said, "Well, that's not entirely true." He used this same patch fairly often at our last church, the cool one in Mass. That's not to say it is automatically the perfect thing to use here, or anything. It IS to say that he has experience with it, so he has a good sense of when it is and isn't appropriate, and isn't simply playing crazy space-music for the shock value or anything. He was going to go a little crazy with it, but the wise and balanced sound guy said, "Trust me, that will be pushing the envelope too far," so the Cat Daddy toned it down.

I think the worst that will happen will be complaints from some of the grumpier old folks. My philosophy is that, as long as it blends with the band as a whole and creates good music it should be just fine for the most part. After all, it's hard to argue with good music. Then again, the Cat Daddy replied, some folks will argue with anything. True. True. Now if that happens, there will be some hashing out to do...we do, in fact, want to respect & honor even the grumpy ones. There's a balance somewhere in there.

Either way, after hearing about all of this I'm all motivated to get my butt there on time, 'cuz it's gonna be a fun morning for worship music. My plan is to bring several cute children (I'll have some extras this week) and sit up front. They will enjoy the music, and dance, and be extremely adorable, which will be endearing to even the toughest critics. Then I can say, "See? It's for the children."

Looking forward to it...

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