Mar 8, 2010

Boring is Good...

Well, we weren't excommunicated.

I didn't even get to go. His Highness came down with some "sick bugs," so we had to stay home. I asked the Cat Daddy how it went, and he said "fine." I replied, "That you're aware of, anyway. Did you see anyone talking to the Leader afterward?"

OK so I was being a little naughty on that one. It's so rare that I get to give the Cat Daddy a hard time, though, that I felt I had to take the opportunity. But no one came running down the aisles, demanding the Cat Daddy's immediate release from the stage--with stoning to commence in the parking lot--or anything like that. In fact, no one said much of anything.

We traded off in the evening, and I went to small group while the Cat Daddy stayed home with His Highness. I had a chance to ask around, & from everything I heard, it was just a morning of great music and good worship.

Benevolent subversion--it's a beautiful thing...

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jacs said...

Yay! Good to hear. My husband doesn't play an instrument...but he does have's call it a 'weird' sense of humor. He has said many things that I just end up hanging my head over. Like the time he told the entire congregation that my voice was louder than thunder and, therefore, louder than God at times. Aw, thanks, sweetie!

To think I miss the goober. lol