Feb 24, 2009

Skerrib Blames Facebook...

Skerrib is beginning to think in status snippets a lot of the time.

Skerrib enjoys talking about herself in the third person.

Skerrib is feeling pretty good, but still has some issues with tastes & smells.

Skerrib hopes that her taste & smell issues go away with her enchanted condition.

Skerrib drilled pretend holes in a pretend hunk of aluminum, and then pretend-dropped it at three times the acceleration due to gravity. For real.

Skerrib is grateful to be enjoying her work-work.

Skerrib is fascinated by His Highness's thought processes and enjoys watching his wheels turn.

Skerrib is watching how they make wooden pencils on a History Channel special about carbon.

Skerrib loves pencils.

Skerrib loves mechanical pencils more than wooden, but still loves all pencils.

Skerrib listened to Raffi for the first time this week and loves him.

Skerrib had expected Raffi's music to be New Age-ish. Probably because of Yanni.

Skerrib was pleasantly surprised to find that Raffi's music is folksy. Yay folksy.

Skerrib was not surprised to find that Raffi is Canadian. Not sure why.

Skerrib is contemplating re-doing her post labels.

Skerrib walked 2.5 miles today.

Skerrib cleaned all the bathrooms today.

Skerrib accomplished quite a bit today, but consequently is wiped out!

Skerrib is off to bed...


prochaskas said...

ha ha ha ha! I'm the same way...

IsaacMomma said...

This is pure awesomeness! And I love the term enchanted for your condition! I'm going to borrow it when next I'm fortunate enough to be enchanted. :-)

Smiller said...

Smiller is entertained.

Suzanne said...

Suzanne is wondering what you'll call the one in your tummy after birth ... you have "His Highness" and ------? :)

DramaMomma said...

DramaMomma also blames facebook.

DramaMomma is giggling at Skerrib's thoughts on pencils.

DramaMomma wonders if Skerrib is as sensitive to the smell of cat saliva as she was while she was enchanted.

linda t said...

Linda knows what Kerri means!

Linda now thinks in snippets... and bullet points.

Linda too, blames facebook.

Amber said...

Amber Nichols loves Facebook! lol

talia said...

Talia completely identifies.