Feb 10, 2009

Funky Little Gifts...

I've been in a bit of a funk lately. Trying to make sense of it--there are about 10,007 factors that are likely contributing to it. Most of them I have little control over, so it seems for now the thing to do is put my head down and press forward, looking for the little gifts where I can.

Today's first little gift: the parent room at the base gym. The weather is still iffy here, and I've given up on the jogging until further notice, but as long as I take the initiative to get my butt dressed & out of the house I have access to some good equipment at the base gym. And they have a room with cardio stuff AND a play area for the kids, so I can schlep His Highness right along with me, and do my 30 minutes on the elliptical. The benefits are two-fold, in that it helps with the cabin fever by getting me out of the house, and I get the chemical benefits of a workout, which for me is significant and important. Endorphins = awesome.

Today's second little gift: new jammies. I bought them for myself, but I was pleasantly surprised at the boost I got from a pair of $8 blue plaid cotton pants and a cute little coordinating tee. The tee I can't wear until after Baby-Whats-His-Name is born, but I will smile every time I see it hanging in the closet until then.

Tonight's little gift to myself: going to bed NOW. Of the 10,007 factors contributing to my funk, this is one I have nearly-complete control over, yet am having a hard time just doing it. After His Highness is in bed, it's tempting to want to camp out on the 'puter and do stuff. It's a valid thing, processing and connecting with folks. But sleep is also an important thing...so it's a trade-off every day, depending on my needs & choices at that particular time. Tonight, going to bed wins--hurrah!!


prochaskas said...

That is awesome about the play area in the cardio room! We can use the gym at our school and they even offer lots of classes for nonstudents including Pilates, but there's no childcare. I take Amy with me to the pool and just walk around in my lane, carrying her, but I don't think I could take her to Pilates.

linda t said...

Mmmm, what can be better than a warm bed and "The Biggest Loser"... that was my plans last night.
And it was nice... real nice.

Amber said...

Bed sounds so good right now. I, too, get tempted to play on the computer or read after the kids are sleeping. Tonight I am vowing to get to bed by 9:30 or 10 at the latest! I'm guessing you and I both need it, so here's to a good night's sleep!