Dec 14, 2008

Arctic Blast Church...

The Cat Daddy is working today, so His Highness and I are heading to church on our own. We've been getting into the habit of going to the earlier (9am) service, which I now understand is a fantastic option for families with small kids. We get up, we go, we get out way before the naptime-crankiness, and we have the rest of the day to do Sunday-things.

In contrast to my subversive church hunting habit of showing up late and hightailing it out, now that we've more or less settled on a church, we've (meaning I've) also been trying to get in the habit of being on time. I do like to be on time; I'm just not very good at getting out of the house. It usually takes me at least two attempts before I feel I have everything I could possibly need while away from home for two hours.

His Highness and I did a fantastic job of getting ready this morning, right up until the last few tasks, like shoes and such. In the end it was late enough that we'd've been a little late. Not a lot, just a touch. It then occurred to me that we had another option--wait for the second service. So we decided to do that.

And do you know why? Because it is -11 degrees outside. Let's write that in words: Minus. Eleven. Degrees. If we're lucky, it might be up to five by the time we get to church. The projected high for the day is twelve. Twelve degrees. If it were warmer (like maybe, I dunno, 30?) I might've tried to muscle through and make it to first service. But not today--sometimes the cold just sucks the motivation right out.

Time to pull out the parka. Oh yes. Time to pull out the parka. And I'd better start the car so we can leave in 20 minutes...

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linda t said...

Oh. My. Gosh.
How do you manage to function in such conditions!
I can't imagine what below 0 feel like.
Don't WANT to know!
Stay indoors, for crying out loud!