Aug 12, 2008

"That Just Looks Disgusting..."

...said the Cat Daddy, as we were watching the men from China do the rings in gymnastics. This guy was crazy, holding all sorts of midair poses without so much as letting his shoulders shrug. The Cat Daddy thought something was wrong with his arms--they looked like they were bowing under the stress of holding his body horizontally aloft. Actually the guy was just fine; the bowing appearance was because his arm muscles were so ripped. They were friggin' pipes.

Then again, the Cat Daddy gets all impressed by the lady gymnasts' skillz, while I'm worried about whether or not they've overtrained & stunted their growth, or done permanent joint damage by the age of 16, or something. Don't get me wrong; I appreciate the beauty of it. It's still one of my favorite sports to watch. I just get stuck worrying about the risks and all. Plus the guys get to do 6 events instead of 4. Six!

Probably a case of our respective gender biases. Then again, the announcer just talked about one of the male gymnasts' knee "exploding" a year ago. We both winced at that one. Ew...

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linda t said...

I'm with you... I am getting so hung up on how early these Chinese girls are taken and trained to bend in positions that seems darn right CRUEL... that I can't really enjoy it.
They actually had a segment where you see them "training" these toddlers and it made me sick to watch.
And you can't tell me these girls are 16 either!