Aug 4, 2008

Missing Family Member...

I am sad today. Our handsome fellow Pim has been missing since early-early Sunday morning.

We heard some commotion outside--we believe there was some sort of kitty-gang altercation, or something. The Cat Daddy ran outside and saw two cats hightailing it out of the area, but no sign of Pim. Then in the morning, for the first time ever, he didn't show up for breakfast. Not a good sign.

Usually he hides out in the little park behind our house. We've been searching, but the problem with the park is that it has countless fantastic kitty hiding places. It's like looking for a furry 13-lb needle in a haystack of shrubberies.

We've also done standard things like checking with the animal shelter up the street and filling out a lost pet report. From the reading I've done it seems there's a good chance that, assuming it was just a kitty-gang-fight, he is close by and might even come home on his own in the next several days. In the meantime I made flyers that we can post/hand out/plaster all over the neighborhood/harrass our neighbors with.

Here's hoping...

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prochaskas said...

I hope he returns soon safe and sound.