Jul 22, 2008

"You Wanna Tattoo??"

...is not something every dad says to his son. But such was the conversation at my house this morning:

CD to His Highness: "You wanna tattoo?"

HH: "dooga-dooga-dooga" [which means something that is unknown to the rest of us]

At first I pretended to be engrossed in my crossword, unaware of the body art that was commencing. Then I asked:

Me to CD: "What'd you draw?"

CD: "What??"

Me: "Show me his tattoo."

CD: "I don't know what you're talking about."

Now see, here's something I don't understand. I was sitting right there. The Cat Daddy knew I knew what he was doing...why bother with the silly round & round conversational games? Is he afraid I'll get mad? If I had had a problem with the Bic-tattooing I'd have spoken up much sooner...

...We're at t-minus-4.5 weeks to go until our move to Cheyenne. Yee-haw. I assembled and packed two boxes yesterday, so the packing has officially begun. We were able to put off the packing much longer this time around since we only unpacked halfway to begin with...I am looking forward weeding through our stuff while we unpack completely in the new house. There are some who say "if you didn't need it for 6 months, toss it," but here we must exercise some discretion and actually go thru the stuff. For example, I really want to have pictures on my walls again, and I'm almost certain I'll need my winter stuff again this year.

Actually, that last part is a joke. I know I'll need my winter stuff again. In Cheyenne we are high & dry. I'm told other than two weeks or so where it sits around zero, the temps really aren't too bad. But the wind makes things miserable.

That's all to say I've got some LL Bean credit which I intend to use soon.

His Highness and I are off to swim lessons. Hope the tattoo doesn't wash off...

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linda t said...

Oh my gosh, is there a cuter kid ever!! Ooops, forgot about Emolyn! THEN it's your sweet, darling little guy. What a cutie! He melts me.

Yes, I hear Cheyenne is windy... but how fun!