Jul 1, 2008

Yay Me(me)...

Caught by Chewymom. Here goes...

1. What did you do 10 years ago?

Oh my--well, on July 1 of 1998 I had been married about 6 weeks, was in the middle of summer school & (still) unpacking my stuff in the campus apt I was suddenly sharing with the Cat Daddy, heading into my final year of college, majoring in education & math. That summer we saw the Z's get married, I was introduced to Amish Friendship Bread, and after summer school ended we went on our honeymoon to San Diego. Busy summer.

2. Five items on your to-do list today:

1--Drop Mom off at work (done)
2--Hang out with Smiller (done)
3--Take His Highness swimming after his nap
4--Checkbook/budget update & planning
5--Pick Mom up from work

3. Snacks I enjoy:

Oh my--I just ate a nectarine, Ding Dong, cookie, and some Dots (and a glass of water). Let's not count dessert foods and narrow it down to my current faves--apples & cheese (colby jack, string cheese, Babybels, and so on), fruit smoothies, chocolate covered strawberries, and yogurt & graham crackers.

4. What would you do if you were a billionaire?

--Hire an entire physical therapy & fitness team to keep an eye on my back
--Hire an accountant
--Feed hungry people
--Buy two houses--one in Ohio and one in Phoenix--and become a snowbird
--Contribute heavily to the home church's building fund. Anonymously, so as to drive people crazy with curiosity
--Walk around trying to convince people that I hadn't changed, thereby convincing them that I probably had.

Smiller, Emj, and Miranda, you're up...


Suzanne said...

You're so funny. I love reading your blog!

linda t said...

You mean you actually crush graham crackers in your yogart?
Mmmm, sounds good, must try!

Skerrib said...

Nope, I dip 'em. De-lish.

EmJ said...

so does this mean that I have to answer the questions on my blog now?