Dec 30, 2007

Lessons Learned from This Year's Holiday Travel...

(I'm supposed to be cleaning the fridge. Ssshhhhh--don't tell the Cat Daddy!)
  1. The Extra Large Space Bag is not wide enough for a convertible carseat. The Jumbo has yet to be tested.
  2. Delta will provide a semi-protective plastic bag when you check a carseat. US Airways will provide a thin, clear garbage bag, and then a second one when the seat splits the first one straight away. And plenty of packing tape.
  3. The US Airways reps here in the States will say that a checked carseat does not count as one of your two bags, but US Airways rep Glen in the Philippines will say that it does.
  4. When traveling with a one-year-old, curbside check-in is totally worth the $2 per bag, plus tip.
  5. When traveling with a one-year-old, most conveniences are totally worth the extra cost.
  6. A backpack that snaps to the stroller is convenient in the airport, but a total pain all other times if it doesn't have any other straps or handles. Better to take the big, hideous, pink camouflage bag next time.
  7. A Boeing 757 is a larger aircraft than the 737, but the under-the-seat clearance in the 737 better accommodates a Sherpa Bag containing a 16-lb cockapoo.
  8. When a one-year-old spends the morning out with the grandmas, assuming he comes back in one piece, it's better not to ask about the details.
  9. Burlington Mall remains the home of the undisputed Santa champion of the world.
  10. Golden, Colorado is home to the largest Eddie Bauer Outlet store in history, which has crazy-good deals.
  11. Having milk delievered from a local 'boutique' dairy is totally worth an extra $.35 per gallon.
  12. Surprisingly, the drop-down changing tables in airplane lavatories are quite convenient.
  13. When the seatbelt sign is on and the flight attendants implore passengers to stay seated for their own safety unless it's an absolute emergency, a one-year-old peeing thru his diaper not only qualifies as an absolute emergency, but will also earn sympathetic looks from all the passengers (and crew) on the way to the lav.
  14. Older planes have the 'no-smoking' and 'fasten-seatbelt' lighted signs. Newer planes have the 'fasten-seatbelt' and 'turn-off-all-electronic-devices' signs.
  15. Nursing on the plane keeps baby happy. Happy babies on the plane keep everyone else happy. Nursing = good.
  16. The TSA website specifies only that a 'reasonable' amount of baby-liquids may be brought on the plane, so the grumpy agents in Phoenix should lay off already.
  17. Given plane tickets and put in a situation of travel, ordinary people who are normally giant three-year-olds become giant three-year-old savages.


Anonymous said...

Do those who are breast-feeding need to pack their milk in 1.5 oz containers that go in a quart bag?

linda t said...

Oh, do I remember those days... flying with a one year old... but to tell you the truth, I have blocked those memories... YES, that tramatic!
SOOOO good to see you! Wish we could have come to the Open House... but we have ALL had terrible colds... THE WHOLE CHRISTMAS SEASON!
And we are suppose to get on a plane on Wed. for DisneyWorld... please pray we feel better!

rootsmarie said...

I'm not really looking forward to traveling with a convertible carseat anytime soon.