Jun 9, 2016

Made-Up Terms Defined: Semi-Plausible Deniability...

A little blurb I wrote on my Facebook page, complete with my favorite Gilda Radner sketch of all time...

There are times when you're mobile-working at the cube farm for the day, and cell reception is out in the hallway, and your phone rings with a work call so you're rushing and concentrating on getting out into the hall so you can pick up the call before it goes to voicemail, that you might forget to engage your core all the way.

When this happens, there's a slight chance a toot will escape. It will likely be a little toot, and not offensive. In fact it will be of such quality and (low) volume that depending on proximity, it might be mistaken for something different, like a shoe or ring scraping a wall, or something. This is called semi-plausible deniability.

Semi-plausible deniability is how you tell yourself that you have no idea who heard what, but it's maybe--just maybe--possible that what they heard was not actually a toot.

Or maybe they did hear that little toot in all its quiet little glory, but seriously, who cares? You are wearing a coat, for heaven's sake, and you walk around with a serious look of concentration because you are a Serious Worker, and you take professional calls in the hallway like a BOSS. Sometimes a little collateral gas enroute is part of the deal.

Either way, it will be a good reminder to always engage your core, and to walk around with a serious look of concentration that doesn't take any guff, and you will go far.

Carry on, Professional You.

You're welcome...

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