Apr 29, 2013

Mine More & More...

I was taking stock while standing in line at the post office today. My two youngers each had a birthday this month, meaning it's been more than a year now since my second (and final) home birth. Nearly 10 months since we left Cheyenne. 2 days shy of 9 months since we moved into our house in lovely Ashburn. His Highness has one month remaining of kindergarten, and next year it's off to full days in first grade (!).

We've been at our church now for 6 months. Getting more glimpses of each others' stories amid wrangling crazies, and teachable moments, and all the stuff of have-tos before we can do the get-tos. I'm known as the mom who shows up to school functions with the cute baby girl on her back...except that cute baby girl wants to get down and run around more & more these days.

And it occurred to me, standing in line there at the post office, that I was standing in my post office. That I'm starting to say things like my church and my town. We have our doctors and so on, our favorite haunts for shopping and eating, and places where the boys do their activities. And since I do drop-off and pick up every weekday, and run across the grounds several times per week, and try to keep the cat from going in the big green doors (another post coming soon), that it's OK if I call it our school sometimes.

There's still plenty I miss; there always is. There's still the reality of  next year at this time, which I have to consciously and deliberately (yet gently) set aside, lest I throw my hands up and decide that it's not worth the work of it, to make the effort of reaching out and knowing people--

Deep breath. Where was I?

Yes. It was a good moment, there in the post office. I am thankful...


C. Beth said...

It's so good to feel that "I'm home" feeling. It takes time to get there! We've been at our church for 6 months too. It's feeling more and more like home to us.

linda t said...

While I can't imagine, having lived in the same house my whole life... Randy would know what it's like, having grown up in the Air Force... moving often.
Good to hear you had that moment where you're feeling at home, putting down roots. Pretty cool.