Mar 20, 2013

Flailing Fish No More...

Last night I was doing P90X (cuz we do that now), and I was getting a little discouraged about how I'm nowhere near the skill level of Tony Horton, or even the extra Real People (a selling point--"Hey these are just Real People! If they can do it so can you!) they placed in the DVDs. I kept reminding myself that it's a process, that even crazy Tony Horton took years to get ripped and be able to do crazy amounts of pull-ups and whatnot. But I still felt a little down about it.

So during Ab Ripper X I made the decision that I would just do what I could do, and try as best I could to fight for proper form, and as Tony says, to do my best & forget the rest.

As we moved along through the 349 ab-tacular moves, I noticed something. I remembered back to the very first time I did Ab Ripper X, and how little of it I could do. In particular there was one exercise called Oblique V-Ups, but I renamed it Flailing Fish because that's what I looked and felt like that first time.  I couldn't even get my body to coordinate itself into the desired motion, much less use it to work the intended muscles.

Well, I still look nothing like the extra Real People with their straight legs and whatnot, but I can do several Oblique V-Ups in a row now.  And somewhere, deep down in there (like way deep), I can feel my obliques beginning to work. 

I am a Flailing Fish no more...

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Rene said...

Scissors! Get it!! I hate it. But I love it!