Apr 24, 2011

So Long Coke??

I've been contemplating nutrition a lot lately; specifically, my need to be more deliberate about it in my own diet. I'm not going all-organic or anything, but I definitely need to dial down my sugar intake.

I'm pretty sure I've blogged about this before. Sugar is my vice. Granted as far as vices go, it is relatively benign, but I do notice the effect it has on my life. Energy, feelings of depression, endurance...all are improved when I lay off the sugar. And also the other refined carbs, but mostly the sugar since it has the biggest pull on me.

Most recently I've been contemplating Coke. Currently I allow myself one per day. If I'm at home that means one bottle of Mexican Coke, usually during afternoon naptime. If I'm at a restaurant, it means a fountain Coke with lunch. Within these guidelines I am somewhat disciplined: I drink a liter of water before lunchtime most days, and sometimes I even drink a cupful of water before the Coke in the case of restaurants. I also don't drink Coke after 5pm, lest the caffeine keep me up too late.

I want to cut back the Coke to be healthier, but when it comes down to it I really like the Coke. And I've just gone the last two days without any Coke, which is proof to me that it can be done.

You may be thinking "Well duh, Skerrib, why not just have one every other day, or only on weekends (or weekdays), or some other sort of middle ground?" The problem is that, when it comes to the sugar I generally don't do well with arbitrary middle ground. I'll make a rule, and sooner or later start breaking it occasionally, and then overtime ramp it back up until I'm running around like my kids, groping into corners for every bit of junk I can consume. Even with the Coke I was starting to break my one-per-day rule in the restaurants more than occasionally, before I caught myself and dialed it back down.

Sadly, I've had the best success with all-out bans. Realistically, my best chance is to just say "no Coke, period." During the height of my health kick several years ago I limited myself to one dessert per week. Per week! It was really tough to stick to, but at the same time it was the easiest way to build in a cheat without going crazy and losing all discipline. And when I'm limited to one dessert per week, I very rarely (never?) choose soda over, say, ice cream.

So this is a dilemma I'm currently mulling over. I haven't decided what I'm going to do about it. Or rather, I haven't yet reached the place where I'm ready to do what I need to do and give up the Coke. I mean, if I give up Coke and start feeling even better, who knows what will be next--I could even go organic (or at least partially so)...


LEGraham937 said...

Just the thought of one dessert per week is making my hyperventilate a little. I'm a suger-a-holic too. In fact, Im a kind of stressed out about this for you. I have almost no self discipline when it comes to this issue. I would say go diet (like me) but that's even more unhealthy with the evil "fake" sugar. I do limit my diet soda intake to 1 per day though. If you have success then maybe you can teach me your trick and I can kick my habit.

Anonymous said...


Need some motivation? Watch something like "King Corn," "Food Matters," re-watch "Food, Inc." Mull over all that corn syrup you are injesting. Take it from someone who's already walked the path: you CAN get disgusted enough that you won't want it any more.

jaacs said...

Ah, yes. I think we all have our 'vice' that we try not to acknowledge...lest we come to the place you are in where you are trying to decide to give it up or just limit or continue with how things are.

Sugar is a problem for me, too. We crave sweet...but, naturally, that sweet should come from fruits. I know this. That is logical...it's just that chocolate is so darn awesome. Darn it! lol.

Annonymous is (annoyingly) right and makes a good point. Ugh. lol.

Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

jaccs, I try to be as annoying as possible. It is one of my better qualities. :)

As for chocolate cravings, I use to have those too. Finally realized it could be easily curbed with calcium and magnesium supplements. Another (healthy) alternative is a chocolate BlueBonnet Whey Protein Isolate shake. All good stuff in there and gives ya a little chocolate kick. :)

jaacs said...

Annonymous - Your ability to give up chocolate is both amazing and blasphemous. lol. I kid. I kid. Seriously, though, good for you. I've done it before and was just fine. I blame marriage, kids, and sleep-deprivation for getting me back 'on' the stuff. Basically anything/one but myself. ;0)

Thanks for the tips.

TulipGirl said...

I think that sometimes we need our "psychological" nutrition as much as actual nutrition. . . if coke is it, for you, then keep it.

On the other hand. . . if it isn't that "oh, I feel good, feel relaxed and happy" feeling when you drink it -- yup, I think it is time to do the coke ban.

(I'm an all-or-nothing, sugar-weak person, too.)