Mar 25, 2011

Hyperbole and a Half...

Oh. My. Goodness. You must click on the following link:

Hyperbole and a Half

Based on the post at the link, it is possible the author has been secretly stalking me and stealing my life stories so she could make awesomely-awesome comics to go with them. More likely I have simply found a friend of sorts who shares parts of my humor and neurosis. If by "friend" you mean someone I've never met, but I did post a comment on her "About" page. In online terms, we're practically BFF.

If you do click above (which you should since I told you to do it), be aware that there's a little profanity. Not a lot, but just to make you aware in case you have sensitive eyes/ears--it's there.

You could tell her Skerrib sent you, but she'll have no idea what you're talking about, so just enjoy...

1 comment:

jacs said...

I LOVE that blog. Did you read the one from Christmas about Kenny Loggins? Oh, I was in tears. She cracks me up. :)