Jul 9, 2010

The Better Over the Good...

I should be out jogging, but instead I'm sitting on the 'puter while the Littler One naps and His Highness ostensibly watches Sprout (but really he is looking around and plotting ways to destroy coffee table drawers and such). I took some time to catch up with a few of my regular bloggy-peeps. I miss reading blogs.

This summer, in addition to my regular nannying gig (ie rearing my kiddos) and managing my moms' group (more or less), I am work-working 10 hrs per week from home. I've probably said it before, but it is surprisingly difficult to get this time in during the week. Which is a bummer...I really enjoy my engineering work, and I wonder if being home with the kids makes me appreciate it more just because it's something different and apart from all the diapers and potty-training and sandwich making.

Usually I try to work during the time formerly known as "nap time," but is now "quiet time" because His Highness is napping less & less. In theory it is still nap time for the Littler One, but as he is a wild card, sometimes it is and sometimes it isn't.

I heard someone talk once about giving up the good in favor of the better. I think you can take it to the extreme and guilt people by beating them over the head for having hobbies & liking to do stuff that isn't necessarily "useful." On the other hand, I think there's something to it. With my working gig this summer I was talking to myself ('cuz I do that a lot) and saying "Man, Skerrib, how are you going to fit it all in," to which I replied, "I think I'm just going to have to pick & choose, and let some things slip for the time being." I was pretty sure this included bloggy-blogging, because of the simple fact that it's time on the computer that I need to be using for drilling pretend holes in pretend hunks of material, and also because I am particularly slow when it comes to writing. And I need to sleep sometimes.

But then I was like, "NO! I like it, I don't want to give it up." So my compromise as been the quick, off the cuff, stream of consciousness sort of posts I've been doing lately. And very little time for keeping up with others' blogs. It's a bummer but, at least for now, it's a good thing that I've had to set aside in favor of other stuff.

I'm not leaving or anything, BTW. Just thinking out loud. Or something.

**Random subject change**

Why, oh WHY does His Highness seem to deliberately want to wake up his brother? I know why. He wants attention. He wants me to get off the computer and play with him. Ah, well. It's time I close this and go play with my kid for a while before lunch. And maybe a jog...

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jacs said...

My first-born will go upstairs to the play room...which is right outside their bedroom...and start going 'tweet, tweet' really loudly in an attempt to awake her younger sister. Drives me bonkers! lol.

And I agree with the saying. Unfortunately, if I let myself stay on the computer for too long, people and things start to get neglected...which makes me feel crappy...which puts me closer to my Mom of the Year award...so I have to limit or eliminate. Everything has a season, I guess, right?