Nov 11, 2009

Sooner or Later... had to happen. We were in Babies/Toys R Us the other day, and His Highness and I took a restroom break. Of course, he didn't actually use the restroom. In fact, he is anti-potty these days, but that's another post.

He quite enjoys exploring all the restroom has to offer, however, and the Babies R Us one is particularly well-equipped. I can't speak for the men's room, but the ladies' restroom has fold-down chairs anchored to the walls, where moms can stash their kiddos so they can do their business without worrying about little ones crawling away on a germy floor. Plus the Koala-thingies (fold-down changing tables). I am beginning to plan where I shop and eat based on the Koala-thingies. Not that I won't go anywhere that doesn't have them, but it does affect time and scheduling. Just saying.

His Highness is too big for the wall-chairs. He likes to point them out, and then hover closer to the potty so he can point out the exact nature of what I'm doing, as well as any color and/or aroma. Probably very entertaining to those who overhear. Normally he likes to do the flush, but Babies R Us has the automatic flush so he settles for gleefully giggling at the crazy-loud schwissssshhhh as everything goes down the drain. Then we do the hand-washing, and sometimes the paper towels or air-dryers, but not at Babies R Us because while the dryers are awesomely efficent, they are also unreasonably loud. I know they're unreasonably loud because His Highness loves loud noises, and these dryers freak him out to the point that he says, "No hands dryer, Mommy."

This time, he hit pay dirt--the machine that dispenses feminine products. Now, many places charge for this convenience, but they are free at Babies R Us (smart Babies R Us). Plus the machine looked to be broken somehow--the handles were sticking out at weird angles and there were spare fems stacked on top of the machine.

On my way to the sink I said, "Leave it," but His Highness had to mess with those stick-y-out handles. Washing my hands, I was standing at the sink going "Leave the handles alone!" but of course they were too tempting. He was rewarded with a little boxed treasure, and was quite disappointed when I wouldn't let him take it.

"NO, Your Highness."

"But I want it!"

"No, it's not for you."


"It's for ladies, not for little boys."

Thankfully that was enough for him. It's only a matter of time before he will require more detail, though. Can't wait for that conversation...

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Anonymous said...

Amy likes to hear about eggs leaving the ovaries, going down the tubes, into the uterus, which has prepared a special lining, and if the egg is fertilized it grows into a baby and if not the uterus sheds the lining and that's called a period -- fortunately she hasn't asked yet HOW the egg might be fertilized.

I use cloth pads, which she also likes. A week or so ago I woke up to find her in her bathroom washing the hand towel in the sink, pretending it was her mama pad.