Oct 13, 2009

Nerd Conspiracies...

I've been doing nerd work again. Ten hours per week doesn't seem like a lot, but somehow it adds up to near-chaos in the milieu of Skerrib. I keep thinking "OK, I'm really going to tell them no more work for a while," but then in the moment I go, "This is the best job ever," so I keep with it. I'm finishing up one mini-project this week and going straight into another one that's supposed to run through the end of the year.

It's a drawing review, which I assume means we'll be reviewing drawings. Probably technical ones (I have uncanny powers of deduction). What's involved in the reviewing? I'm hoping they'll tell me, 'cuz if not then the results will be along the lines of, "The lines in this one are nice & straight," or "This thingy looks like it'll be really cool once it's built," or "This one doesn't speak to me so much." Or maybe that's exactly what they're looking for; who knows.

I very nearly threw in the towel last week. I was having trouble keeping perspective there for a couple days, and I started wondering if the work was just one thing too many. I was also pretty sure that everything--kids included--was just one thing too many. The Cat Daddy's work schedule--and, to an extent, the Cat Daddy himself--was definitely one thing too many. And I started going all "conspiracy theory" about things like my moms' group, and our upcoming harvest party, and figured that my moms' group commitment was just one thing too many. Not to mention the physical therapy, which I'm not even doing right now, but will be starting again in a month or so--one thing too many.

It was a rough week.

In retrospect, however, I was also fighting a stomach bug--and as a result skipped an entire week of exercise, missing out on my usual endorphines--which tends to skew one's perspective. Now, a week later, I'm no longer worried that I'm going to get kicked out of my moms' group for not thinking up enough cool halloween party games. So that's good.

And in the spirit of continued recovery and good health, I've been fairly decent about getting to bed at a reasonable hour, eating more veggies, and cutting way back on the sugary treats. Even though I just now ate a brownie. I'm talking about in general, see...


linda t said...

And then... just when you think you have found the happy balance, it all hits the fan.
I'm still trying to find a rhythm in my life. I even quit working at ODF after 2 years. I just felt I needed to stay home till Tyler leaves for the Marines Jan. 4th and then I will reassess my life and slowly dabble at finding my new normal... till that is no longer seems like my new normal :)

Sylvia said...

Go Skerri B! You can do it! Rah rah rah! [Insert awesome kicks, backflips, etc] Everyone needs a cheerleader occasionally.

You're doing good, I promise. Glad this week feels a little better. You can always call me and we can whine together about too many things too many. :)

I told Kevin I want to take a "Bedcation" where I get to stay in bed all day and read and sleep and eat yummy food and the rest of the world doesn't fall apart. I'll blog about it someday if I have time.

bludab said...

I know the one thing too many track; I've started scribbling stuff off my list because they are just not possible with everything else.
Pick your top 3 or 5 and go for it!!
miss you over here where it is windy and chilly too!