May 3, 2009

Best Ever Home Birth Part I...

Part II Part III

A prologue (writing is slow-going these days):

Tuesday (April 7) was a fairly ordinary day. Throughout the day I had some little quirks & discomforts--the type of thing that could be a sign of labor or could be nothing at all—but nothing I hadn’t been feeling all along during the pregnancy, so I didn’t think much except “Boy am I ready to not be pregnant anymore.” By the evening I was tired & grumpy, and had a nasty backache (which I’m not sure was labor related, but either way it took almost 3 weeks for it to go away; stupid backache), so I called it a day & went to bed early. The Cat Daddy said my belly looked weird, and wondered if I felt like labor could be starting, and while I’d been having a TON of Braxton Hicks (light, ‘practice’ contractions), I assured him I just needed some sleep. I had at least a week left, after all...

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linda t said...

About time girlfriend!!
SO what if you have a new baby... don't leave us hanging out here... anticipating Part 2... wondering how it all came down... pardon the pun.
OK, so we know how it ended... that you gave birth and all... but we'd still like to know every painful, glorious detail... moment by precious moment.
SO... deliver! (pardon the pun)