Apr 5, 2009

Springtime in Cheyenne: The Aftermath...

Today dawned sunny and cold. The day's objective for everyone in the neighborhood was to dig their way out from under the drifts. Officially I think the final tally was 10 1/2 inches of snow; however, because of the wind some areas were barely dusted while others were several feet deep. I was still wiped out from my 45-minute stint shoveling the dogs' path yesterday, and I felt like a total wuss because of it, but then again I am 9 months enchanted these days, so it was one of those times where I had to send the guys out to to the heavy work while I provided photo documentation and moral support...

The front of the house (duh). As a point of perspective, the drift on the right behind the Cat Daddy's kick-a$$ car was about 3' high.

Off the front porch. In yesterday's pics of this same spot there were some nicely-flocked bushes. Even though you can't see them, they are still there. Under the snow.

His Highness is always glad to lend a hand. The shovel is real; it has a telescoping handle and one would normally keep it in the trunk for snow emergencies. Turns out if we leave the handle short it fits him perfectly. Quite possibly the best $10 I've spent on snow removal equipment.

The guys working on the back deck. The drift on the left is a good 3 feet high or so.

The finished product out back.

Big kudos to the Cat Daddy and His Highness for their efforts. This was not an easy job, but our driveway and sidewalk are clear, and the dogs can get to the yard instead of having to use the deck. Which is good 'cuz now I am less likely to get stuck de-pooping the deck. Yuck.


EmJ said...

Thanks for sharing the photos...looks like fun. 78 degrees here yesterday. Mississippi that is. Who knows, maybe we will get stationed near you, and your His Highness and my Miss Mae will be good friends...he can teach her how to shovel driveways! lol

Drama Momma said...

Holy Cow!