Mar 16, 2009

Snippets From an Ordinary Day...

--The one redeeming quality of this year's "spring forward" is that His Highness is, for the most part, sleeping until 7 on his own. It won't last, but it's nice to have a slightly more gradual transition than usual.

--The Cat Daddy was doing some work out on the deck this weekend and left a 5' or so length of PVC pipe, and a 1" x 1" (?) stick o' lumber out there. His Highness likes to bring outdoor things indoors and vice versa, so I had to explain that these things of Daddy's are outdoor things, and that the couch pillows and our new crocheted blanket (courtesy of my aunt, a fantastic crocheter) are indoor things. He's a smart boy, I know he understands, but of course being the kid it's his job to test the limits. So while I was taking care of business in the executive office (bathroom. I was going to the bathroom), in he walks with the PVC pipe. Very proudly, I might add.

Being the grownup it's my job to enforce the limits, so I said "Outside with that, now please. The pipe is an outdoor thing, remember?" So out he went, leaving me with the toilet paper still poised, ready for action. Before kids I was never one to conduct business from the potty, but what struck me as weird is that no aspect of the exchange struck me as weird. And I thought, again, "Yes, here I am, in that stage of life. I am that person." This is not bad; it's just the way it is, and I happen to be quite aware of it.

--I once had really good sunglasses--Oakleys. I wore them everywhere, but they were especially good for jogging because they were very gentle on my head. No squeezing headaches. I don't buy good sunglasses anymore because I have a penchant for losing them. I don't do the cheapest cheapies, mostly because I'm very fussy about having amber-colored lenses. I found ones I really like at Target so I've been buying those lately. I bought the most recent ones a couple months ago; I'd managed to lose yet another pair, yadda yadda yadda. I caught some ribbing from the Cat Daddy over it. I catch some ribbing from the Cat Daddy a lot.

Oh but wait--this time it wasn't my fault. Today while I was doing the dishes, trying to keep His Highness from eating all the Chapstick we own, he meandered over to a kitchen cabinet--one that is as yet unoccupied--and peered in. I looked to see what we'd put in there and yes, there were my old sunglasses. So now I have two of the same pair...

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