Nov 21, 2007

A Quick Breath...

Well how about that...some downtime and nothing to do. Strike that--there's always something to do. Nothing pressing to do. Thanksgiving is tomorrow, so the only things I'm concerned with right now are my dinner tonight and meal preparations for tomorrow. Mostly I need to calculate backwards from our projected 4pm dinnertime to determine when to begin the brining, but that shouldn't take more than a couple minutes.

We are doing a simple, casual Thanksgiving this year. We're cooking and having a couple friends over; that's it. One is bringing his Wii, so we expect visual hilarity to ensue. Should be a good time.

The Cat Daddy and I did a quick run to the store this evening, to pick up some last-minute hors d'oeuvres and snackies. While browsing the aisles I heard him murmur "Did you see the mustache on that guy? It was obviously fake! Why is he walking around with a fake mustache?" I had not seen it, so I ignored the thought until the next aisle over, when lo & behold a young man was perusing the canned veggies in a small, very neat, and very-obviously-fake handlebar mustache. Oddly enough, the handlebars were fully contained upon his upper lip. I walked on by before casting a grin at the Cat Daddy.

I've begun a new list, to be entitled "Things Christians Say That Sound Dirty, but Aren't." I have also decided that an appropriate subtitle would be something to the effect of "Well Intentioned Mutterings by Those Whose Minds Are Not In the Gutter." It begins with these--

"Those aren't prostitutes; they're the worship team." (Thanks to Pastor T for this one)

"Let's put the love on Jesus tonight." (Apparently a Southern expression; conjures Barry White's voice in my head)

"Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus" (Worship song. Oh yes, it really is. And sadly, I've sung it)

I need to find a protein chaser for the molasses cookies I broke into. Maybe some beefy log...

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